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Odyssey is the trusted recruitment specialist which is dedicated to connecting world class talent with world class opportunity. We specialise in medicine, healthcare, science and technology sectors and recruit for positions with leading companies, hospitals and clinics worldwide, at all levels from entry  to board appointments. Whilst most of our roles are permanent or long term contracts, we also have short term contract and locum positions.

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Odyssey excels at providing a specialised, personal recruitment service, presenting you for the best opportunities with leading employers of the world. Our recruitment consultants have a commitment to their candidates which differentiates us from our competitors. They have extensive knowledge of their markets and sectors and often have advance knowledge of forthcoming projects and roles before these are available on the market, giving our candidates a leading advantage. They take time to understand your personal circumstances and career goals so that they can offer career advice and direction before introduce you to employers who can match your aspirations.

Do you need assistance with relocation, immigration, revalidation or licence aplications?

Odyssey partners with other expert companies so that your relocation, immigration, professional licence applications and revalidations can be managed quickly and effectively.



After you register with Odyssey, we shall contact you to assess your qualifications, skills, achievements, career goals, personal circumstances and preferences. It is important that we gain a thorough understanding of your capabilities, interests and goals so that we can offer you advice about the type of roles, employers and locations which would be best for you.  


Our recruitment consultants may recommend changes to your CV to highlight certain skills, qualifications, experience or achievement. They may advise that you take further qualiifations such as IELTS or other English language tests or exams required for specific medical or other professional licence boards. They may also advise that you take short courses to supplement exisiting qualifications to get ahead of the competition, which for sole roles, can be intense!


 Odyssey will introduce you to employers with appropriate roles. Our recruitment consultants will make the introduction by the submission of your CV. Some employers request additional copies of credentials and reference reports at this stage. If you are not shortlisted for interview, our consultants shall try to establish the reasons so that shortcomings can be identified and corrected in preparation for the next role.


If you are shortlisted for an interview, our recruitement consultants will prepare you for interview with information about the employer, role and location so that you are well briefed. They will also advise, and practice if necessary, the interview techniques by telephone, skype or zoom. After a client interview, you will be debriefed and our consultants will endeavour to obtain as thorough feedback as possible from the employer if you are not offered the role, again so that shortcomings can be identified and resolved.


Once an offer of engagement with the employer is made, we shall negotiate on your behalf any alterations to the terms including contactual terms, salaries, commission, incentives and benefits. Our consultants will also advise you about the handling of counter offers and resignation from your current role.


Negotiations complete and job offer signed, the steps towards starting work begin. If you need to relocate to another part of the country or another part of the world, we have a complete network of expert and trusted advisers who can help. The formalities which must be completed can at first seem intimidatiing, but with good advice and preparation, can run smoothly. Our affiliate companies manage all aspects of the relocation process from professional licence applications, work permits, immigration, travel arrangements to finding accommodation, schools and moving pets.


We shall keep in touch with you to help ensure that your first few weeks and months in the new job go well and that your relocation is smooth.


If you hold General Medical Council (GMC) Registration and do not have an active licence to practice and need appraisal or revalidation, we have an associate company which can manage this. Contact Dr Mark Golder for full details of the services.


Odyssey works with candidates and employers all over the world. The key criteria for selecting our employers is that they are reliable and reputable in their sector. We continue to add new clients to our list, and some of the countries where we have placed our candiates include:


You can check out further details of the countries at our GLOBAL MOBILITY page.


We recommend that our candidates sign up for job alerts, social media (including you tube), newsletter and review our BLOG regularly to keep abreast of all the latest news and developments in the relevant markets.


Odyssey made its first placement in January 2005 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was a Consultant Anaesthetist at the American Hospital Dubai, the first Joint Commission Internional (JCI) accredited hospital inthe UAE, and at that time, the undisputed top private hospital in Dubai. Times have changed. The healthcare sector in the UAE expanded massively over the next decade and more, and the American Hospital is now one of many JCI accredited hospitals in the Emirates working at the premier end of the medical sector.

Over the years we placed many more candidates at the American Hospital Dubai and the other hospitals springing up across the Emirates and in fact the entire Gulf region as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait all developed their healthcare infrastructure. We moved into other markets across the world, each market with its own characteristics and skills requirements.

Our aim has always been to  get the best possible deal for our candidates. If you wish to read more about Odyssey


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"Very well organized and professional recruitment agency unlike others. Well done, I was impressed by the transparent and speedy recruitment processes used at Odyssey. The staff were excellent and very helpful. I have referred my colleges to Odyssey and I am strongly recommending Odyssey for any doctor looking for work in middle east." Dr Alaa Ghallab Consultant Paediatric Surgeon 

" I was headhunted by Odyssey Recruitment for a senior position in Cardiac Surgery in a prestigious hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I found the services of Odyssey to be excellent. The staff are very helpful, supportive and always their best to  find the appropriate post that suits  you. I was touched by their sincerity and paying attention to all details even tiny ones that help you settle down in your new job" Dr Zeid Makahleh, Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon

"Pleasure dealing with Odyssey. Very prompt when emailed, hard working, professional and friendly too. Highly recommended." Dr Tarik Al Janabi Consultant Emergency Medicine 

Odyssey recruitment company is a reputable company with solid track record of getting the job done. They are trust worthy, honest, no gimmics. I've dealt with them before and find them to be reliable company, well respected by the employers, as well as the recruits. I was referee to the company by colleagues  who have accepted offers through Odyssey company. They enjoyed working where they have been located. The most important thing is what they say * We've found what we have been told*. That is a strong statement from professionals. Dr Sammy Rashwan Consultant Anaesthetist

Odyssey provided an excellent service throughout my recruitment: very helpful, assisted me during all steps, never felt alone! Great!


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