The Attractions of Newfoundland, Canada
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23 July 2015

The Attractions of Working in Newfoundland Canada


Newfoundland, Canada is the most Easterly province of Canada. Situated on the Atlantic ocean to the East, the province is unique geographically, historically, culturally, socially and musically. It is also unique in being one of the few Canadian provinces to allow international physicians to practice without registration with the Medical Council of Canada.


What would attract physicians to practice in Newfoundland? 

Newfoundland is frequently viewed as a stepping stone into Canada, a place where international physicians can practice medicine whilst taking the licensing exams for the Medical Council of Canada as well as obtaining speciality board eligibility in their own specialist field, before moving on to other more populous provinces. However Newfoundland has its own attractions and many people are enchanted enough to stay longer.

Landscape: a place of huge natural beauty, clean air, fresh water, pristine forrests, lakes, natural parks and rugged coastlines.

Outdoor Activities: the landscape and climate make Newfoundland a paradise for those who love active outdoor sports and adventure. Salmon Fishing, hunting, skiing, sailing, kayaking, snow mobiling, whale watching, cycling, golf, camping, surfing and berry picking to name a few.

Lifestyle: the friendly and welcoming communities of Newfoundland make settling in easy plus there are advantages of low cost living, affordable housing, low crime rates, safe neighbourhoods, low traffic volumes and excellent healthcare and education facilities.

Medical Practice: Clinical practice in Newfoundland is challenging and broad with opportunities to diversify skills. Family Physicians may find themselves practising Obsterics, assisting in the Operating Room and managing hospital in patients. There are excellent facilities with modern hospitals and clinics as well as a world class Medical School at Memorial University in the province capital St John.