Country Profile: China

An overview for expatriate professionals

China is vast.  A riveting jumble of wildly differing dialects and climatic and topographical extremes, China is like several different countries rolled into one. Its modern face is dazzling but the world's oldest continuous civilisation isn't all smoked glass and brushed aluminium. While you won't be tripping over artefacts – three decades of accelerated development make some parts of the country completely unrecognizable from their more humble beginnings – rich seams of antiquity await.

Collapsing sections of the Great Wall, temple-topped mountains, villages that time forgot, languorous water towns, sublime Buddhist grottoes and ancient desert forts compete for attention with China's megacities.

China has a one of the world's largest economies and is rapidly developing modern infrastructure and services for its massive 1.3 billion population.

China has expanded and upgraded its healthcare sector building modern hospitals and clinics which provide plenty of career opportunities for professionals with sought after skills in medicine, dentistry, technology, science and finance. 

Fast Facts

Capital City: Beiijing

Population: 1.398 billion

Currency: Renmimbi (RMB)

Official Language: Mandarin

Major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Changdu

Working in China

China offers an amazing cultural experience combining ancient history and tradition with modern art and culture. Expatriates have traditionally relocated to China to fill senior positions in international companies, set up their own businesses or teach English. Most expats work in the three major cities - Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Speaking Mandarin is an advantage in China although many international companies use English in everyday affairs and expats can survive without Mandarin.

Chinese business and working culture is dominated by guanxi , a local concept that is a more intricate take on the Western concept of networking. Guanxi refers to having personal trust and a strong relationship with someone, and can involve moral obligations and exchanging favours.

What to Expect

Salary and commission competitive

Expatriate taxation incentives

Medical insurance

Professional insurance

30 days annual leave

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