This page contains a list of the registration boards and councils for doctors, dentists and allied medical professionals in New Zealand. You will need to register with the appropriate board to practice your profession in New Zealand. In most circumstances, you will need to have your registration approved or near completion in order to be considered for job vacancies in New Zealand.

Please contact our recruiters for advice and assistance with the registration process.

DOCTORS The Medical Council of New Zealand
DENTISTS Dental Council of New Zealand
PSYCHOLOGISTS New Zealand Psychologists Board REGISTERED NURSES Nursing Council of New Zealand MIDWIVES Midwifery Council of New Zealand PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand MEDICAL AND ANAESTHESIA TECHNICIANS The Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPISTS New Zealand Speech- Language Therapists' Association RADIOGRAPHERS, SONOGRAPHERS, RADIATION THERAPISTS New Zealand Radiaton Technologists Board OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand

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