Canada's highly sophisticated economy, advanced technology and enviable living standards make it a magnet for expatriate workers seeking to develop their careers. Opportunities for skilled medical professionals abound in the more remote areas and sometimes in the major cities.

Comprised of ten provinces and three territories, each with its own regulatory framework for professionals and separate taxation structures, career opportunities and remuneration vary considerably across the country.

Demand for general practitioners and family physicians is high in the more remote areas and expertise and experience in rural medicine, resuscitation and surgical technique is a plus for physicians. Shortages of specialist physicians exist in many provinces.

Medical and Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Canada has a nationalised healthcare system supplemented by a smaller private medical system. Most healthcare professionals are salaried but physicians can usually chose between salaried employment and fee for service work. 

Medical facilities are of high standard and well equiped and working conditions excellent. Salaried employment packages are often supplemented by retention or sign up bonuses.

You will need to hold a license to practice your profession in Canada or at least approval for eligibility to practice. Requirements for a license vary by province and further details can be viewed on our Professional Registration Boards in Canada.

Professional Registration Boards in Canada