Odysssey places candidates with some of the top worldwide employers in our niche sectors, covering a diverse range of countries, cultures and languages from Canada to the Gulf States of the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia.

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 Adapting to a new country and culture can be challenging. We aim to  take the stress out of the move and make our candidates' relocation as smooth as possible.

 We have selected some key partner companies which specialise in international relocation services. They have vast experience in all aspects of the process from immigration applications for visas and work permits, banking, finance and pensions, education and removals of goods, cars and even animals. 

Our Global Mobility Partners

  • UAE

    Tax free, family friendly, excellent transport links worldwide, a hub of business and finance and modern infrastructure, the United Arab Emirates is a top expatriate destination.

  • Australia

    High living standards, excellent infrastructure, world class cities and a strong economy have attracted expatriate workers from all  over the world to Australia. 

  • New Zealand

    Magnificent scenery, high living standards and an envious outdoors lifestyle make New Zealand one of the world's top expatriate destinations.

  • Canada

    A strong diversified economy, high living standards and world class cities set in a land with amazing natural beauty have made Canada a much desired country for expatriate workers.

  • Saudi Arabia

    The largest and most populous Gulf state, Saudi Arabia is still hiring highly skilled expatriates for its Vision 2030 economic diversification programme. Tax free incomes with low cost compound living, make Saudi Arabia a key destination. 

  • Kuwait

    Kuwait is modernising and diversifying its economy creating jobs for expatriate workers in specialised fields. Tax free incomes combined with a relaxed lifestyle and excellent transport links make Kuwait an exciting destination.

  • Qatar

    Qatar is developing fast and its strong oil and gas based economy is diversifying and creating demand for a highly educated and skilled workforce. Smaller than the UAE, it nevertheless has a lot to offer. 

  • China

    China's booming economy and its rapidly evolving sophisticated technological base have created a need for highly skilled expatriate workers in its major cities. These megactites are vibrant places to live and work and explore a wealth of cultural treasures.

  • Singapore

    The Asian tiger is a dynamic metropolis with a strong, sophisticated economy centred on manufacturing, trading and finance. Living standards are high and taxes are low.

  • UK

    The United Kingdom has a diversified, predominantly service based economy with a constant demand for highly skilled workers. 

  • Ireland

    The Celtic Tiger offers attractive working conditions and lifestyle for exptriate workers. Within easy travelling distance of most major European cities, it has a stable economy.

  • USA

    The world's largest economy, the USA offers excellent career opportunities for dynamic, talented and highly skilled individuals with some of the world's top employers.