Global Career Management

Some things to consider when starting an international career

Moving overseas to take up a new position requires much preparation and organisation but with some research and careful planning, the risks and tasks can be minimised. 


Ensure sufficient time to research the industry sectors and job markets of the countries where you wish to work. Take time to understand the demands and requirements of these markets and the opportunities for careers within them as well as the criteria you will need to meet in terms of qualifications, experience, skills and professional licensure.

Consider the costs of living and educational opportunities for children.

CV Preparation

Based on your market research, ensure that your CV is up to date and tailored to the jobs for which you wish to apply. For information on CV writing, read our guide on writing the productive CV

Relocation Costs

International moves can be extremely expensive. Think about minimising your costs by signficantly reducing the number of items you want to take and use the most cost-effective method of transportation (most likely a shipping container).

You should also consider the costs you will incur once you have arrived in your new home.  Accommodation, utilities, transportation and healthcare costs may vary considerably. Some countries require non citizens to have private health insurance. 

Using a specialist relocation company can help save time and money. Our partner, Santa Fe Relocations is an expert global relocations company with a division Sanelo for personal domestic and international moves. Click on the logo for details

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