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Radiologists are in high demand for specialist and training roles across the globe. A global shortage of qualified specialist radiologists and trainee radiologists and an increasingly interventional and technological approach to medical diagnosis and treatment has created unprecedented job opportunities in fantastic locations. Our recruitment consultants at Odyssey can help you pursue a rewarding career in this speciality.

Radiologist Candidates

We work with hospitals and clinics in public and private sectors in the international healthcare market. Our clients are looking for radiologists with medical training and work experience in western countries, which are defined as Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the countries of Western Europe. Canada, Australia and New Zealand will also accept candidates trained in Singapore and Hong Kong.

If you meet these criteria, please register your CV as a candidate and our consultants will guide you through the process of job, licence, and visa applications.

Radiologist Skills

Diagnostic radiologists with skills in general film reporting, CT, MRI and ultrasound are required.

Additional sought-after skills are:

·       Musculo – skeletal radiology

·       Neuroradiology

·       Paediatric Radiology

·       Breast Radiology

·       Interventional radiology

·       Interventional neuro-radiology

·       Vascular Interventional Radiology

Locations of Radiologist Roles

Most radiologist roles are in the following countries:

·       Australia

·       New Zealand

·       Canada

·       United Kingdom

·       Ireland

·       United Arab Emirates

·       Saudi Arabia

·       Qatar

·       Singapore

·       Bermuda

Radiologist Remuneration

Radiologists are employed by hospitals and clinics on a salaried or fee for service basis. In the USA and Canada, the fee for service model is the most common and you are paid according to the number and type of procedures performed. Salaried jobs are also available.

In the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, most radiologists are employees and paid a fixed income with some benefits which include paid holidays. In the Middle East, an incentive scheme is often added to the package which rewards you with a share of revenue generated.

Applications for Radiologist Jobs

To be eligible for a radiologist job you must meet the following criteria:

·       Medical Degree from medical school approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

·       Internship completed.

·       Active medical licence

·       Radiologist specialist board or Fellowship from a country in Western Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or              Hong Kong.

·       IELTS or OET may be required for non-native English speakers.


Radiologist reporting CT Scan

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