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At Odyssey we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service to all of our clients. Since 2005, we have worked with clients across the world to source and recruit elite medical talent for permanent and contract positions. We provide retained and contingency services as well as specialist headhunting and managed recruitment campaigns.

In addition to our recruitment services, we offer free consultation on recruitment processes and information about the recruitment market. Our consultative approach provides guidance and knowledge ensuring that the most appropriate solution and the most suitable candidates are provided for your organisation.




How it works

As an international recruitment consultancy our candidates are widespread. As a result of this, we are sometimes unable to organise an in-person interview, at least initially. Rather than relying on a phone call, or limiting our reach by ruling out candidates who can’t reach our offices, we found another way.

To accommodate candidates who are restricted by location or limited on time we have the facility to organise video interviews which can be conducted in three formats: pitch, automated and live. 

PitchCandidates can make a short personal video presentation to add to their CV for initial evaluation. This summarises key skills, experience, achievements and career goals and helps to add personality to the application as well as assess soft skills.

Automated: Rather than a live, conversational call, we can send an invitation for a candidate to record answers to key sector specific questions via video at a time that suits them.To replicate interview conditions as closely as possible, we can choose to limit preparation times for each question and cap the number of allowed recording attempts. This allows us to thoroughly examine preparation, personality and technical knowledge remotely, to an unparalleled level.

Live: live 2 way personal interviews are recorded in real time and are available immediately for review by clients. These closely replicate standard interview conditions and a thorough assessment of the candidate can be made.

This process is equally beneficial to both ends of the spectrum, both candidates and clients. For candidates, it represents the opportunity to display their skills and characteristics outside of their CV. The resulting recording of this allows the authentic interview reactions to be shared with clients, allowing an informed opinion to be built prior to their own screening methods.

Our aim is to be as flexible as possible for both parties. Every challenge provides the opening for a solution.

Benefits for clients

View the interview anytime, anywhere, on any device
Quick assessment of skills, personality, energy
Potential to determine cultural fit before an interview
Allows quick engagement with passive candidates
Videos can be shared with colleagues

Benefits for candidates

Showcase your personality and energy
It's easier to stand out through video
Present your strongest skills
Interview at a time and place that suits you




Psychometric assessment can help organisations to sustain ongoing development, success and competitive advantage by ensuring that staff and culture are aligned to the strategic goals of the company.

Assessments consist of detailed questions which can evaluate a candidate’s work style, personality traits, emotional intelligence and cognitive ability. The knowledge gained from the tests adds depth to candidate evaluations of suitability for jobs and company culture. The tests can also be used in the building of teams and evaluation of team effectiveness.

Odyssey has specialist training in psychometric assessment and full capabilities for the management of on line tests.



Our niche sector focus allows us to recruit at all levels of seniority and in all specialist areas through tailored recruitment solutions.


A successful contingency campaign depends upon a high quality up to date, data base of relevant candidates. Odyssey has the most up to date technology which allows career tracking of candidates who are instantly informed of new positions.


Selection used the medium of recruitment advertising to source candidates for a wide range of positions. Odyssey's services include the creative design and placement of appropriate adverts on a joint branded or anonymous basis.


Our consultants are trained in head hunting for sourcing candidates with rare skill sets who are not easily located by advertising and data base search. They are supported by a dedicated in house research team who can map and identify people within key markets.


Odyssey can manage large scale assignments when multiple roles need to be filled. 



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