Immigration and Visas for Medical Jobs Worldwide

If you want to relocate internationally for work, you will need a visa and work permit to take up the job so it is best to start early with some preparation by understanding the requirements.  

Basic Requirements

Whilst each country has its own immigration requirements, a few basics are common to all.

1: Passport

A passport with at least 6 months validity from proposed date of travel is an essential requirement but we would recommend having at least 12 months, and preferably longer, so that you don't have to apply for a new passport a few months after arrival in your new country.

2: Medical Report

You will need a medical examination to ensure physical fitness for work and your family, if travelling with you will usually need to prove their good health with a medical examination

3: Police Report

A police check will be required for most visas and can usually be obtained by application made on line.

Visa Sponsorship

Employers will usuallly sponsor visas for international candidates and will provide the essential documentation for the visa application at local embassies

Further Information

We are always available to advise you about the visas and work permits which are required to work with our clients. 

In most cases we will refer you to a specialist to process the visa applications . However, our in house compliance team are often able to help you with questions about your right to work in various jurisdictions.

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If you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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