UAE Health Sector Outlook

UAE Health Sector Outlook

20th May 2016

Healthcare opportunities in the United Arab Emirates are greater than ever according to the ‘Monster’ employment index, and the ‘UAE Healthcare Sector Outlook - 2022’.


The healthcare outlook estimates that the healthcare sector in the Emirates will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 8% over the next 6 years. The CAGR is the year over year growth rate of an area over a set period of time. This 8% rise would be one of the largest anywhere in the world’s healthcare systems.


According to job website ‘Monster’ the healthcare sector recorded a 38% growth in online job adverts in the past year, and so now could be the perfect time for any medical professionals dreaming of a move to the country, but why is the growth, which has been labelled as astonishing by some, showing no sign of slowing down?


The impressive continual expansion is largely due to government initiatives which have helped to grow the health tourism and private healthcare industries.


Recently the state announced further plans to loosen the restrictions on foreign investment in order to further improve the standard of care provided from within the private industry. Furthermore the private sector have been encouraged by the state to continually upgrade their existing facilities to ensure that they are at the very pinnacle of modern hospitals anywhere in the world.


The result of these measures is that the medical tourism industry in the area is now booming. Each year around half a million people travel to the country to receive healthcare treatment, and that is a figure which is only set to rise in the future.


This isn’t the only reasoning for the rise however despite obviously playing a large role in it. Public and private companies, as well as healthcare company stakeholders, have been responsible for some notable mergers and agreements which have further increased the quality of the services provided by their facilities, as well as creating new jobs in different locations throughout the country.


As work starts on the 22 million square foot second phase of Dubai Healthcare City the future of the industry in the UAE looks extremely bright, especially with the government offering a great deal of support to both the private and public industries.


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