UAE Employers | The Attraction of Top Talent

UAE Employers | The Attraction of Top Talent

21st Jan 2016

In a knowledge or service business, people are the key to success. Attracting top talent is therefore essential for continued business growth, strong performance and beating off the competition.

LinkedIn Middle East did a study of over 1,000 job seekers in the UAE to analyse the crucial factors for attracting the best of the best workers on the market. They found that prospective employees value companies which offer job security, career growth and financial stability. Employers which have a reputation for high staff turnover and poor management are viewed very negatively even when offering attractive financial packages.

Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn Middle East Talent Solutions, said that a "poor employer brand effectively negates the positivity surrounding a career move".  A poor employer brand was found to have an adverse effect on recruitment by reducing the number of well qualified applicants and also reducing the quality of the recruitment firms which are prepared to work with the client of poor repute.

The management of the employer brand is therefore crucial in attracting a good calibre of staff and reducing the costs of recruitment and high staff turnover. 


The 5 Major Attractions for Candidates

  1. Reputation of the employer for good management
  2. High industry profile
  3. Job security
  4. Career growth opportunities
  5. Good team work


The 5 Major Disincentives for Candidates

  1. Low Industry profile
  2. Poor leadership and management
  3. Dysfunctional or poorly performing teams
  4. Limited career development opportunities
  5. Job insecurity, high staff turnover




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