New Year Job Search | 5 Tips to Find Your Dream Job

New Year Job Search | 5 Tips to Find Your Dream Job

31st Dec 2015

New Year... New You? 

The start of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate your career achievements and define your goals for the future. It is also the perfect time to find a new job which will put you on track to the realisation of your goals.

We offer some tips to help you ensure that your job search is on track.

  1. Define your goals: decide what are your major goals and key motivators. Are they financial or are you looking for increased responsibility, the chance to learn new skills, learn new systems or experience work and life in a different country?
  2. Define your search criteria: identify and list in order of importance the specific criteria of a new job which are crucial to you. What are the essential factors of a job in order that you may achieve your goals? Is it the employer reputation, the responsibilities of the job, the location or the remuneration?
  3. Organise your search: having established what you are looking for in a new post, refine your job search to target the jobs and employers which can offer you what you are looking for. Define a methodology - partner with a recruitment company, join social media groups, conduct a google search.
  4. Avoid focusing on money: do not give excessive attention to remuneration but consider all aspects of the job. The saying " find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" has some truth in it. Whilst ensuring the pay is sufficient to sustain lifestyle, pursuing a get rich quick approach is not a good motivator for career success.
  5. Take the leap: just do it. An hesitant, timid  approach is likely to be time wasting and unproductive. Take the bull by the horns and make some steps towards real constructive action. Steps can be small initially but directed and purposeful.



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