Employer Branding | The Essentials of the Employer - Employee Relationship

Employer Branding | The Essentials of the Employer - Employee Relationship

15th Dec 2015

When a new employee starts work, a new relationship is formed and this relationship is key to the employee's success and impact while working at the organisation. Employers and employees are mutually dependent. However the relationship should not be viewed purely on economic terms. The employer has a moral responsibility to look out for the welfare of his employees. This is not simply a matter of fair pay and good working conditions, although these are important. The employer should show a real and enduring concern for workers. Similarly, the employee has a moral obligation beyond giving a full day's work for a full day's pay. He has an obligation of loyalty to the employer, co workers and customers.

The relationship between employer and employees has a crucial influence on the productivity, profitability and ultimate success of the organisation. Employers must ensure that strong relationships with employees are developed and maintained so that they can retain a skilled, productive, motivated and reliable workforce. Companies which fail in this regard and have poor employee relationships are plagued with high staff turnover, skills deficits, low employee morale, underproductivity and ultimate failure.

The key to sound relationships is a good management strategy. The goal is to develop a skilled, reliable workforce with low staff turnover.


3 Key Benefits of Good Employee Relationships:

  1. Productivity: strong relationships improve employee motivation and morale which increases productivity.
  2. Loyalty: a productive and pleasant working environment encourages a loyal workforce which improves employee retention, reduces employee turnover and reduces the costs of recruitment, hiring and training. This allows the maintenance of a trained and skilled workforce.
  3. Conflict Reduction: an efficient and friendly workplace reduces conflict and improves efficiency and productivity.


5 Ways to Achieve Good Employee Relationships:

Good management is the key to the employer - employee relationship and mutual respect essential for its development.

  1. Motivate Employees: understand why your employees work and what factors motivate them. Money is not the only factor for most people. Ask why are they working in the company and what keeps them loyal? Once underlying motivators are understood, employees can be further motivated by encouragement and incentives.
  2. Set Goals: set realistic goals for employees and create a vision of ambition and success. Reward success. The mantra "under promise and over deliver" is a good one.
  3. Delegate: teach and empower employees by developing their skills and knowledge. Assign tasks that challenge them, give credit where due and assume responsibility for their mistakes.
  4. Communicate Effectively: open channels of communication and a friendly approach make discussion of concerns and conflict resolution easier.
  5. Train and develop: have a programme for employee upskilling and education according to the level of talent and ability. Training courses, additional qualifications and promotion where due make employees feel valued.



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