Employer Brand | The Impact on Recruitment

Employer Brand | The Impact on Recruitment

14th Dec 2015

The Employer Brand is crucial to successful recruitment. A toxic brand, adverse reviews on websites like Glassdoor and disgruntled employees can destroy the reputation of a company as a good place to work and accordingly make recruiting top talent very difficult. Recruiting from the bottom of the talent pool makes organisational success very difficult.

The Employer Brand must therefore be managed carefully to give a favourable impression to prospective employees. It is easy to perpetuate a brand either positively or negatively, and that process starts internally. Present employees are the best company ambassadors. Treat them well and they will tell others. The other vital factor is the impact the company makes in its sector of work.

There are 5 ways in which the Employer Brand will affect recruitment:

  • Attracting Candidates: a positive Employer Brand leads to increased interest from prospective applicants. This helps to build talent banks of applicants who can be contacted as jobs become available.
  • Employee Referrals: existing employees refer their friends. This is often the most effective means of sourcing good quality applicants.
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing: candidates who are not actively looking for work are more receptive to approaches from employers with a good reputation and more likely to respond to potential job offerings.
  • Reduced time to hire: Candidates respond more favourably to job offers from attractive, reputable companies and are quicker to complete the recruitment process.
  • Company Longevity: hiring from the top of the talent pool rather than the bottom of the pool increases productivity, success and the impact the company makes in the industry sector.

The key message is to create a reputation as a great employer to attract the best talent for your organisation.



It is very easy in the "new world" or employment reviews (public product reviews, for that matter) to put off prospective employees - ensuring the employee/company relationship is well managed from the start is critical. It is also good practice to put in place a review management process across popular site (such as Glassdooor) to mitigate any future risk. https://jobadder.com/uk
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