Recruitment | Video Interviews

Recruitment | Video Interviews

26th Nov 2015

Video interviews are being widely adopted by companies as part of the recruitment process to enable the rapid screening of large numbers of candidates and enhance the company brand by improving the candidate experience.

Types of Interview

  1. Video Pitch: this is the most basic form of video interview and allows the candidates to make a short video by smart phone or tablet. The candidate can present his motivation for the job application in 30 seconds. Benefit: assess communication skills and language ability of the candidate.
  2. Automated Interview: this involves the use of up to 10 selected questions which can be recorded at the candidates choice of time. Benefit: assess and compare the responses of multiple candidates to the same questions.
  3. Live Interview: on line live face to face meeting with the candidate and employer permits lengthy interviews to be recorded and subsequently reviewed by any one anywhere in the world. Benefits: live assessment of candidates' interview and ability to provide multiple reviews and comparisons.


Benefits to Candidates:

  1. Saves time and money on travel to interviews.
  2. Improved experience of recruitment process.


Benefits to Employers:

  1. Shorter time to hire
  2. Reduced cost of hire
  3. Improved quality of hire
  4. Enhanced company brand and image


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