UAE Employers | The 20 Most Sought After Qualities

UAE Employers | The 20 Most Sought After Qualities

25th Nov 2015

The UAE labour market is expanding and Dubai's population is expected to rise again, with some projections of up to 9 million people! UAE employers are hiring and recent studies by YouGov and Bayt examined the qualities that employers are looking for in addition to the obvious ones of specific qualifications for particular jobs.

These are useful tips and it helps to examine some of these and where appropriate include evidence that you have them in your CV.

  • Strong Team Management Abilities: people are the key to the success of any organisation and the ability to manage them well and build good teams to achieve specific goals is crucial.
  • Communication Skills: excellent communication skills are vital. Highly proficient English language ability, both oral and written, is key to securing a good job in the UAE, where the working language is English. Arabic is also helpful.
  • Team Player: being co-operative, flexible and helpful is important for effective team work. Workers who are stubborn, rigid and unco-operative with other employees destroy productivity.
  • Leadership Skills: 46% of employers cited these as important. Leadership is different from management which is task orientated. Leadership requires the ability to have vision, set goals and motivate others to achieve these goals.
  • Negotiating Skills: 45% of employers look for ability to negotiate effectively.
  • Ability to work under pressure: the modern workplace is fast paced and ability to withstand stress and high workloads without buckling under is essential.
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness: 41% of employers listed these qualities as essential.
  • Ability to take on new challenges: 41% of employers seek employees who are looking for and able to cope with new challenges.
  • People Management Skills: 38% of employers list these as essential, particularly in client / patient facing roles.
  • Reliable Track Record and Industry Knowledge: it is important to demonstrate that you have read up about and acquired some knowledge of the local industry sector.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: only 36% of employers listed this as crucial. However it is important to demonstrate that you have a record in this area.
  • Personality and demeanour: important for cultural fit and image in a company.
  • Creativity: ability to find creative solutions to problems
  • UAE work experience: did you know that 35% of employers seek candidates who are already working in the UAE? This makes the time to hire much quicker.
  • Personal Grooming and appearance: work on this for interviews.
  • Technical skill set: comparable with the role
  • Passion and motivation: employers are impressed by candidates who are passionate about their jobs and companies and keen to achieve results and make an impact.
  • Vast network and good social contacts: this is helpful for awareness of the organisation.
  • Relevant industry experience: work in a similar type of organisation makes adaptation much easier.
  • Analytical Skills: useful for problem solving.


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