Health Care Executives | The Most Common Backgrounds

Health Care Executives | The Most Common Backgrounds

16th Oct 2015

Have you ever wondered about the background of the people working as the leaders and managers of the healthcare industry? What qualifies them to lead and manage healthcare organisations and do they do it well?

The American College of Healthcare Executives is a professional society of healthcare executives in leadership roles at hospitals, in large systems, and in nonprofit organizations. There are roughly 40,000 members in the US, representing 80 different local chapters. The ACHE also provides advanced certification in healthcare administration in a fellowship program – if you have ever seen FACHE on someone’s e-mail signature, it means they have been credentialed by this group. 

The 2015 ACHE Members and Fellows Profile reveals the 8 most common backgrounds of healthcare executives working in the USA.

  1. General Management : 47.7%

  2. Financial Management: 7.5%

  3. Nursing Services: 5.9%

  4. Marketing and Planning: 5.2 %

  5. Quality Assurance and Ethics: 4.1%

  6. Clinical Support Services (Laboratory services): 3.7%

  7. Information Technology: 3.5%

  8. Physicians: just 2.7%

The remaining 19.7 % come from varied backgrounds. 

Other Facts:

61.9% hold a Master's Degree

57.7% Male


The percentage of physicians in leadership roles is smaller than would be expected leading one to wonder that if this percentage was higher, then hospitals may be better run. 


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