Job Search | The Vital Factors You Should Consider

Job Search | The Vital Factors You Should Consider

30th Sep 2015

Searching for a new job can be a daunting task with so many important considerations to evaluate in addition to the obvious issues about the job itself. It helps to prioritise the most important factors, the red lines and the deal breakers which will be the crucial decision makers. These of course will vary for each person depending upon their individual lifestyles, goals and interests.

Career Goals

  1. Does this job and its associated responsibilities help you to drive your career towards your goals?
  2. Will it challenge you, offer increased responsibility, provide new education and skills development opportunities?
  3. Will it provide a more independent practice model, better facilities for practice and less management / political interference?
  4. Will it allow you to gain more Seniority or professional recognition?

A new job should promise something which your present job lacks and so seriously evaluate each position.


Financial Goals

  1. What are the financial offerings of the post in terms of salary and package?
  2. Are there additional incentives such as fee for service terms, tax free incomes, sign up, retention  or end of service bonuses?

Calculate the total package on offer as many employers offer additional benefits such as accommodation, flights, relocation expenses, medical care, education allowances and bonuses which can add considerable value to the package. Remember that some countries have zero or very low income tax rates.


Lifestyle Goals

  1. What type of lifestyle can you expect with this job? 

  2. What are the working hours and the duration of holidays? Split shift based schedules can be particularly exhausting leaving little time off.

  3. What facilities does the area offer? What is the climate like? Are there possibilities for specific interests such as outdoor sports, sailing, scuba diving, golf, theatres?

  4. Are there important cultural issues you are seeking? Language, religion?


The value which each candidate gives to each of the above factors will vary but all should be considered when you seek to change job so that your search can be as targeted as possible and your transition to new place smooth.




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