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30th Sep 2015

Video interviewing is becoming increasingly common in recruitment as more organisations discover its benefits. Wherever you are in the world, you may only be a couple of clicks and a webcam away from doing a job interview. The attractions are huge as you can take part in many interviews from the comfort of your own home or office, at any time of day. However thorough preparation is required.

Types of Interviews


Odyssey uses automated interviews to screen large numbers of candidates. The interview can be done at any time of day, at your convenience, within a specified time frame and consists of a series  of questions (usually up to 10). The candidate records the answer within a specific time limit, usually 1-2 minutes.

Pros: all candidates get the same questions, creating a level playing ground and employers and recruiters can compare all of the candidates' responses to the same questions.

Cons: the interview structure is predetermined and does not allow the candidate to ask questions or the recruiter to ask follow up questions.



Odyssey conducts live interviews with all candidates who have been considered eligible for positions. These are arranged with the recruiter and candidate at a mutually convenient time and last 20-40 minutes on average. A live discussion ensues and the interview is recorded.​ Questions from the candidate are permitted.

Pros: two way face to face discussion process which can be conducted without the need to travel hence saves time and expense.

Cons: the differences in each interview make comparisons between candidates more difficult.


Video Presentation:

Candidates can make a short personal video presentation to add to their CV for initial evaluation. This summarises key skills, experience, achievements and career goals and helps to add personality to the application as well as assess soft skills.



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