The Best Places for Expat Workers | Singapore comes out tops

The Best Countries for Expat Workers | Singapore comes out top, UAE strong performer

24th Sep 2015

HSBC study shows that the UAE is still one of the best place in the Middle East for expat workers for overall ratings and the best place in the world for expats in terms of financial indicators. This is despite the low oil price causing some economic woes in the region.

  1. In the Gulf Region, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman are the most popular locations for expat workers. 
  2. Abu Dhabi has some of the highest property rental prices in the world
  3. Dubai property prices have fallen this year
  4. Inflation in Abu Dhabi 6.1% over 12 months to August 2015
  5. Bahrain favoured for quality of life and lower cost of living

Top Locations are Singapore and New Zealand.



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