International Medical News January 2017

International Medical News January 2017

26th Jan 2017

Saudi Arabia - Mecca

Investment in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector is continuing to rise, as Bait Al-Batterjee Medical revealed plans for a new medical city in Mecca this week.


The new development will boast a 400 bed, world class, hospital at its heart, with the main facility being run by the Middle East Healthcare Company under the Saudi German Hospital name. As well as this it will feature a smaller teaching hospital of around 90 beds, amongst a range of other new facilities across the 50,000m2 site.


Current costs are estimated to be around 1.5bnSR (around £32m), however money is little object to healthcare developments in the country - as the government aims to stem the number of Saudi nationals heading to Dubai. Abu Dhabi and Bahrain for healthcare.


Saudi Arabia is currently trying to move away from an oil reliant economy, with developments in banking, construction and healthcare becoming more and more widespread in an attempt to further enhance the Kingdom. This can make it an exciting time to make a move to the country’s healthcare system - where investment is at its highest ever levels.


Saudi Arabia is a unique country, which is certainly not for everyone. It does have plenty to offer expat medics looking for a fascinating cultural experience, alongside high salaries and excellent facilities - and so, as a result,  more and more Western trained doctors are seeing their future in the ‘Desert Kingdom’.


For more information, or to start your journey to the Middle East today, simply register on our website for job alerts.



Research in Singapore has surprisingly shown that overweight diabetics are at a lower risk than those of a healthier weight of dying of fatty liver disease.


Both diabetes and obesity are known to be linked to the disease which leads to a gradual buildup of fat on the liver. In some cases a lifestyle change can prevent any long term effects, however it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver if it goes ignored.


Statistics published in the report show that an overweight diabetic is three times more likely to die from fatty liver disease than someone without the condition, however this risk rises to 5.5 times more likely when the diabetic is of a healthy BMI.


The results of the study, which examined more than 60,000 Chinese Singaporeans, came as a shock to Professor Koh Woon-Puay who orchestrated it.


He told a press conference: “At first I thought it could be a double-whammy, overweight people who also have diabetes should have the higher risk, but paradoxically and contrary to my expectations, among lean people, the effects of diabetes increases their risk even more.


As a result health boards across Singapore have warned diabetics that, regardless of their weight, being scanned regularly for fatty liver disease could be crucial in ensuring that they live as long and healthy a life as possible.


Across the world rates of diabetes are rising, and in Singapore this is no different. The island city state is a cultural melting pot, and the Chinese, Malay and Indians living in the country have some of the highest rates of the condition in the world.


Despite these worrying statistics the country is in a strong position to win its fight with type-2 diabetes. Healthcare funding countrywide is high, with a focus being placed on promoting a healthier lifestyle. As well as this Singapore is home to some of the world’s most technologically advanced hospitals, making it an excellent location for ambitious and forward thinking medics to call home.


If a move to the unique modern metropolis of Singapore is something which would appeal to you, then register on our website - and start your journey to a more rewarding career today.


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