Asia Pacific Healthcare News

Asia Pacific Healthcare News

19th Jan 2017

Singapore Healthcare Restructuring

Public healthcare in Singapore is to undergo the most radical shakeup in its recent

history, as the country aims to further improve the world’s most efficient healthcare system.


Under the proposals which should be fully implemented by early next year, the country’s existing six regional health systems will be merged into three larger clusters. This will see the National Healthcare Group (The NHG) merge with Alexandra Health to form the central cluster, SingHealth and the Eastern Health Alliance will combine to form the eastern cluster, whilst the National University Health System and Jurong Health will work together to cover the west of the island.


This will see the country’s most well known and prestigious facilities fall under new control. Khoo Teck Puat and Tan Tock Seng Hospital's both fall into the Central cluster. Changi, Singapore and Sengkang General Hospital’s all fall into the Eastern region, whilst the National University Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital will both be controlled by the Western cluster.


In contrast to the shrinking of the number of district health boards, polyclinics in Singapore are being sorted into three groups - one more than is currently the case. These will be NHG Polyclinics, SingHealth Polyclinics and the new National University Polyclinics.


According to the Ministry of Health this restructuring will ensure that Singapore is in a strong position for the future. A statement said: “With the reorganisation each cluster will bring together the capabilities of their polyclinics and partnering GPs, as well as community service providers to drive primary care transformation and anchor care in the community as a collective force.


“This reorganisation of the public healthcare clusters will enable us to meet our future healthcare challenges. We are confident that we will be able to better optimise resources and capabilities, to provide more comprehensive and patient-centred care to meet Singaporeans’ evolving needs”.


The healthcare sector in Singapore is one of the world’s best managed, organised and (according to Bloomberg) the planet’s most efficient. It offers world class facilities, a competitive and stimulating workplace and a luxurious way of life thanks to generous salary packages.


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Singapore Healthcare Updates

Despite living longer on average than men, women in Singapore are failing to live healthier lives as they age.


The island city state has one of the world’s highest life expectancies with the figure continuing to rise well beyond 80 years of age. Despite this however women are adding just 4.9 healthy years to their life - whereas with men this figure sits at 5.5 years, despite them living almost 4 years less.


These statistics mean that, on average, women spend around 10.7% of their lives in ill health, whilst for men this figure sits at 9.4%.


Official reasoning for this concerning figure is still unknown, however it does point to osteoporosis as being a major factor in reducing the quality of life enjoyed by women in the country. This is caused in many cases by a failure to build up bone density following the menopause.


As well as this diabetes is considered a major life limiting factor, with convenient fast food diets and a lack of exercise - often as a result of the country’s warm, humid tropical climate - given as the major reasons for this.


Whilst concerns exist around the reasonings for the lower number of healthy years lived by women in Singapore, the country is in the perfect condition to combat the issue. Since 1960 its life expectancy has risen from 65 to over 82, and this is testament to the hard work done by the incredibly advanced and well structured medical sector.


Investment in healthcare in Singapore is high, whilst the country can offer world class, futuristic facilities to medics considering making a move.


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New Zealand Screens for Heart Defects

A report published in the New Zealand Medical Journal has called for a new screening program to be introduced for newborns.


The experts behind the report are hopeful that recent technological advancements will allow them to reduce the death rate from congenital heart defects from an early age, using a pulse-oximeter, the infant can safely, quickly and - most crucially of all - painlessly have their blood oxygen levels checked, with low levels prompting further investigation.


At the moment babies are already scanned before or just after birth for conditions including Down's Syndrome and hearing difficulties, however it is now hoped that scans for heart defects could be added to the health checks.


Statistics published in the journal show that between 4 and 10 of every 1000 children born in New Zealand suffer from a congenital heart defect, with more than half not diagnosed prior to birth and 20% not recognised until after the infant has been discharged from hospital. Researchers now believe it should simply be a matter of how best to implement the tests, not whether or not they should be brought in.


Trial schemes are currently underway at 5 of the country’s larger hospitals, with hopes that every facility will be performing the tests by late next year high amongst medical researchers and medics alike.


New Zealand has been a favourite for expats for many years. The country’s world renowned relaxed lifestyle combined with a healthy work/life balance and generous salaries makes it an extremely attractive location for expat medics looking to escape from the NHS.


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