Qatar Primary Health Care

Qatar Primary Health Care

17th Jan 2017

Qatar’s Primary Health Care Corporation (PCC) has launched a pilot screening project to help curb the prevalence of lifestyle related diseases in the country.


The three month long pilot phase of the programme will give Qatari nationals who are over the age of 17, and registered to either Leabaib or Rawdat Al Khail health centres, access to  a range of facilities and tests to determine how at risk they are of developing a condition.


Working using a combination of data analytics and risk-based screening, the program identifies individuals with known risk factors and invites them to the clinic for voluntary screening. After discovering more about the family history and current lifestyle lead by the individual, their chances of developing long-term health conditions; such as diabetes, hypertension or Cancer will be calculated.


Appointments will take just 20 minutes, whilst the patient will also be provided with advice on how to lower this risk, in order to avoid developing the conditions in the future.


Obesity and related health conditions are major issues in Qatar, and cost the healthcare sector millions of pounds every year. The country is considered the fattest nation on earth (as well as the richest), whilst almost 20% of those in the country suffer from diabetes.


If the PCC’s trial scheme is a success then it is likely to be rolled out throughout the country in an attempt to fight back against these rising statistics.


Whilst Qatar faces a battle with lifestyle related health conditions, it can be an extremely rewarding place for a medic to call home. The country is the world’s richest and, as a result, healthcare spending is high. This has created a world class, highly prestigious healthcare sector - with equally as impressive salaries and benefits.


If a move to the country is something which would enhance your career simply register on our website for job alerts - and make 2017 the year you make the dream move of your dreams a reality.


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