Australia and Telemedicine

Australia and Telemedicine

12th Jan 2017

Australia is once again leading the way in telemedical technology, as a new application is expected to bring localised healthcare to more than 20,000 Aussies.


The all new ‘telehealth’ solution known as Coviu was developed through a partnership between Australian scientists and the regional health network ‘Health Team Australia’, with the aim of providing a simple and easy to use telemedical service for patients - with in-depth features for medics.


Patients taking advantage of the program will be able to connect with medical professionals through Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers, instead of having to download additional pieces of software. Medics working in the country meanwhile can share live time medical data and imagery with their patients during the process.


Being such a vast country poses a range of problems for delivering high quality, effective health care in Australia. 10% of Australia’s total population is spread out over 90% of the area, and reaching these people in days gone by was a major issue.


Fortunately recent advancements in telemedical technology have been spearheaded by the Australian healthcare industry and now, with the country preparing to deal with the impact of an ageing population, recent advancements have made medical care available to a far wider audience without long travelling times, or potentially lengthy waits.


Telemedical care has also helped re-shape the role of many medics working in Australia. Few locations on earth practice telemedicine as widely as Australia, and this can cut down dramatically on the workload faced by many medics who previously would have spent time travelling to meet patients.


Whilst investment in the country’s healthcare sector has been extremely strong in recent years (with figures showing a rise from AUD$95bn in 2003-04 to AUD$155bn a decade later), it will require further funding to cope with increasing demands and an ageing population.


Recent statistics have shown that almost half of the country’s population suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer or diabetes, with this figure looking set to rise further in the near future. In order to help people to live with these lifestyle affecting conditions telemedicine looks set to play a crucial role in the future of healthcare ‘down under’.


Australia is a hugely popular country with medical professionals looking for a new challenge overseas. A world renowned relaxed lifestyle, strong work/life balance and plenty of natural beauty can make it extremely attractive for medics looking to enhance their careers overseas.


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