HSBC Expat Report 2017

HSBC Expat Report 2017

5th Jan 2017

HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey has been published, with Singapore once again named as the most attractive destination in the world for expats to live in.


In the first of a two part special report we will look at why expats loved their lives in Singapore, Australasia and Canada. Whilst part two will examine expat’s experiences in the Middle East.


The annual study, which talks to thousands of expats worldwide, discovered that the island city state was ranked highly by expats in almost all areas of life - particularly career progression, politics, safety and educational facilities, making it ideal for almost anyone looking to take their skills overseas.


Healthcare in Singapore is a fiercely competitive market, which can boast some of the most technologically advanced features on the planet. Recent reports have found it to be the world’s most efficient healthcare system and, whilst unique to the country, it’s also one of the planet’s most successful.


Job opportunities are regularly available for ambitious Western trained medics looking to move to the country, however in such a desirable market they are highly sought after.


Singapore was joined in the top three positions by New Zealand and Canada, with the latter moving up three places from the 2015 survey.


Expats living in New Zealand rated the country as the world’s best for work/life balance, quality of life, finance and (most notably) healthcare, whilst the country was also rated as offering the third best quality of life in the world. It’s no surprise therefore that New Zealand has been one of the most popular destination for Western trained medics looking to move overseas - especially amongst doctors looking to escape from the NHS.


New Zealand is renowned for its slow paced, relaxed way of life, and this is no different in the healthcare system. A strong focus is placed on ensuring that all medics have a healthy work/life balance and facilities throughout the country are well staffed, whilst fixed hour contracts ensure that medics aren’t overworked.

That’s not all, opportunities exist for GPs to buy into their own practice, something that can make working more financially rewarding - and give you greater freedom over your the future of your career.

Canada meanwhile was a big mover, as it progressed up three places to take third spot in the survey. Expats living in the country felt that it was easy to integrate into, whilst they felt little culture shock and were immediately made to feel welcome. Furthermore Canada was found to be the second healthiest for expats to move too, with a positive lifestyle and healthy diet actively promoted.


The country is especially popular with European expats looking for a similar culture, with a more relaxed and enjoyable way of life. The job market in Canada is always looking for new, Western trained recruits and at Odyssey we have an unrivalled network of contacts throughout the country who can help make a switch a reality.


Whilst Canada was a positive mover Australia - one of the most popular destinations for expats - unexpectedly dropped from seventh to eleventh position. The country still scored highly in plenty of areas - most notably in quality of life (2nd), finances (2nd) and healthcare (4th) however a high cost of raising children, and poor rankings in the social life and savings sections saw it drop out of the top ten for the first time.


Despite this the country remains one of the most attractive destinations worldwide for expat medics looking to enhance their career overseas. The country offers a world famous relaxed lifestyle, strong work/life balance and competitive salaries - and that’s before you mention the stunning scenery and year round sunshine!


If a move to Singapore, New Zealand, Canada or Australia would appeal to you, then make 2017 the year that you make the dream move a reality. Start your journey today by simply registering on our website for job alerts.


Keep checking the blogs section of the website for part two of this report - focusing on life in the Middle East for expats.


Part 2

HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey has been published, with Singapore once again named as the most attractive destination in the world for expats to live in.

In the second part of a special report we have examined expat’s experiences in the Middle East.


One of the biggest factors attracting people to the region is the prospect of extremely high, tax free, salaries. In that respect the region doesn’t disappoint with some of the highest salaries and best financial ratings uncovered in the survey. As well as this 76% of respondents said that they had a better work/life balance in the Middle East than they did at home, making it an attractive destination for people looking to get the most out of their careers.


The culture in the Middle East is very different from the Western world however, whilst the cost of education and cultural activities can score far lower than elsewhere. This has somewhat skewed the statistics against the Middle East, however if you are open minded and want to get the most out of your career whilst enhancing your finances then it is a region unlike any other.


Given its higher profile neighbours it may come as a surprise to outsiders that Bahrain was rated as the best Middle Eastern location for expats. For those who know the country however it will hardly be a shock.


The tiny Kingdom is renowned as one of the most popular destinations for expats, with a small but thriving healthcare sector, high wages, stunning scenery and a relaxed island mentality. Bahrain came out as the friendliest country in the survey, whilst it also scored highly in the quality of both life and property.


Its thriving healthcare sector was ranked as the world’s 8th best and, whilst small in size, it appears to be becoming an ever more popular hub for health tourists.


Whilst health tourism is a growing industry in Bahrain, the world leading United Arab Emirates came in, in 12th position overall in the survey - with expats speaking positively about the country’s safety, secure politics and world leading salaries.


The Emirates were followed (in 18th) by the increasingly popular Sultanate of Oman, where expats were particularly impressed by how tolerant the country was with new people, faiths and cultures. Oman is not a country considered by many expat medics, but with an outstanding healthcare sector, generous funding and a liberal way of life it looks as if it will become a more popular location in the near future.


Outwith the top 20 in the report were Qatar (29th), Saudi Arabia (31st) and Kuwait (35th). These countries scored highly in the financial indicators, with Qatar and Saudi being ranked as the best locations on the planet for finances, however they dropped scores due to the high cost of raising children, the lack of integration due to compound living and a more restrictive social life.


Despite that all three countries boast impressive healthcare facilities, and these only look set to improve further in the future as they are handed enhanced financial benefits.


Qatar is the world’s richest country, and this wealth is being channeled into new hospitals and clinics which should be built before the country hosts the 2022 Fifa World Cup. Whilst Saudi Arabia is on target to meet its ‘Vision 2030’ healthcare goals, and continues to invest strongly in promoting the country as a destination for medical tourism as it attempts to move from an oil dependent economy.


Kuwait meanwhile has just opened one of the world’s largest hospitals, solely for residents in the country, whilst work on expat only facilities is ongoing with the hope that these can transform the healthcare sector in the Kingdom.


Life in the Middle East is unique - no matter where you choose to live. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait can offer a more traditional Arabic experience, whilst Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain are far more westernised - with a traditional twist.


For an expat medic looking to work abroad the healthcare industries in these countries can be perfect. High salaries, modern advanced technology and a healthy work/life balance combine to make it ideal for someone looking for a career enhancing move.


If a move to the Middle East is something which would appeal to you, register on our website - a career (and life) enhancing move could be closer than you might think.


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