Legatum Healthcare Report 2016 - UAE

Legatum Healthcare Report 2016 - UAE

4th Jan 2017

The quality of healthcare in the United Arab Emirates is continuing to rise at an impressive rate, as a new worldwide report has ranked it as the 28th best on the planet.


As the country strives to achieve the goals set out in its 2021 vision, the findings of the Legatum 2016 Healthcare Report are testament to the system’s successes so far.


According to the report the vast majority of residents in the UAE don’t suffer from any health issues that disrupt their daily routine, the world’s lowest figure, whilst diabetes rates in the country were recorded at 19.3 - a high figure globally, but the second lowest in the Gulf region. These figures both act as testament to the recent successes of the UAE’s healthcare system, but that was far from all that was discovered.


The report also saw an increase in the amount of hospitals in the country reaching their accreditation levels, with 55% of both public and private facilities reaching that particular milestone - an impressive rise of over 9% on the 2015 figures.


With the country ranking 9th worldwide in terms of patient satisfaction it will come as little surprise that the Emirates boast the highest average life expectancy in the Arab world, and that figure only looks as if it will rise further in the near future - something which will provide the healthcare industry with a new challenge, an ageing population.


The UAE’s National Agenda 2021 set out a range of targets for healthcare in the country to hit to ensure it could truly be described as world class. This featured a range of different indicators such as the number of deaths from Cancers, the life expectancy and the childhood obesity rate.


Although the full success of the 2021 agenda won’t be known for at least another four years early signs already look promising. The plans aim for accreditation of 100% of public and private healthcare facilities in the country, and with the 9% rise between 2015 and 2016 this figure looks achievable. Meanwhile obesity rates are still rising, albeit at a far slower rate than before.


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