Oman | New Healthcare Campaign

Oman | New Healthcare Campaign

31st Dec 2016

Oman’s Ministry of Health has launched a campaign to promote physical activity in the country in 2017, as lifestyle related health issues continue to damage the nation’s health.


Statistics published this week showed that out of every 10,000 people in Oman 298 will have heart issues, 208 will suffer from high blood pressure and 209 will have diabetes.


Throughout the Gulf region lifestyle related conditions are amongst the biggest killers, and that is no different in Oman where 26.2% of deaths are as a result of strokes, and over 5% come from lifestyle related Cancers.


As with many other locations in the region Oman has a serious problem with obesity, with some estimates predicting that as many as 69% of the adult population will be classified as obese in the near future.


This potential obesity epidemic will put a huge strain on the country’s healthcare sector, something which the government is keen to avoid happening. As a result the campaign launched this week is aiming to target all aspects of society through both social and mainstream media.


Childhood obesity levels are some of the world’s highest, and so a range of educational activities are set to be carried out in schools across the Sultanate to try and combat this dangerously high figure.


Junk food and a lack of physical exercise has been linked to over 40% of cases of cancer in the country and it is hoped that this stark statistic, along with others illustrating the link between a poor lifestyle and heart conditions, should make more individuals in the country realise the harm that they could be causing themselves.


Oman is often overlooked by medical professionals looking to take their careers to the Middle East, however it can be an extremely attractive destination for expats to move to. Liberal attitudes, plenty of things to see and do as well as extremely generous salaries and an outstanding healthcare sector can make it an ideal location in which to move to.


If a move to Oman is something which you would find appealing then register on our website - and start your journey to a new life in the Middle East today.


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