Cardiac Disease in the UAE

Cardiac Disease in the UAE

16th Dec 2016

1 in every 3 people in the United Arab Emirates are at a risk of developing heart failure, according to one of Abu Dhabi’s leading specialists.


Dr Samer Ellahlam, a senior cardiovascular consultant at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, told an international heart failure conference in the Emirate that there is a need for a total lifestyle overhaul in the Gulf region if it is to lower this figure.


On average patients diagnosed with heart disease in the Middle East are 12 years younger than the average in Western Europe, with a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of knowledge about the risk factors given as the main reasons for this concerning statistic.


Many people in the region are unaware that having just one of the risk factors could increase their chances of suffering heart failure dramatically. Those suffering from diabetes and hypertension, both of which are major issues across the Gulf, are at an increased risk, whilst tobacco smokers also find themselves far more likely to suffer from the condition.


Heart failure occurs when the heart becomes too weak or stiff to properly pump blood around the body. It can’t be fully treated yet, however a range of techniques can be implemented to manage the condition and allow patients to lead fairly normal lives.


Symptoms include breathlessness, swollen joints and an abnormally quick or erratic heart rate.


As having a family history of heart conditions further increases a patient’s chances of suffering from the condition, medics in the UAE are now urging people of any age with a history to get themselves checked out.


The UAE faces a range of health issues, many of which are lifestyle related. In order to combat these issues investment into the country’s healthcare sector is at a world leading rate.


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