Dubai | Consultant Urologist uses 3D Printed Kidney model for Surgery

Dubai | Consultant Urologist uses 3D Printed Kidney model for Surgery

13th Dec 2016

A consultant urologist in Dubai removed a Cancerous tumour from a patient's kidney with the help of a 3D printed model for the first time.


Despite 3 dimensional printing being widely available and used by medics throughout the UAE’s healthcare sector, it’s the first time that a replica of a patient’s kidney has been created. This move allowed the consultant to plan the surgery in more depth than would have been possible before.


Following both CT and ultrasound scans the consultant, Dr Yasser Saeedi of Dubai Hospital, identified that the tumour was just 4cm long, but that it was located right next to the renal artery - making operating difficult and risky.


Using the 3D kidney, where the tumour was highlighted in blue, Dr Saeedi could plan the least invasive and risky route to the tumour.


This made the procedure less of a risk for the 42 year old female patient, and allowed the operation to be completed in an hour less than would normally be expected. The total surgery took exactly three hours, with the removal of the tumour taking just 28 minutes.


Currently the technology needed to print 3D organs is not available in the United Arab Emirates. In this case a company in America created the kidney, however the Dubai Healthcare Authority is looking to alter this factor in the near future.


Regulations to protect both the medic and the patient have already been drawn up, whilst the training of some doctors in the Emirates is already underway. Given the vast funding that is invested in healthcare in the UAE it seems as if it is only a matter of time before 3D printing patient’s organs to help with procedures is commonplace.


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