The Best Time to Relocate Your Job

The Best Time to Relocate Your Job

29th Nov 2016

As the temperature begins to drop, and the mornings start to feel darker many people begin to consider taking their career overseas to escape from the increasingly bleak working life in the NHS. What they don’t realise however is that now is the perfect time to start your career working in the Middle East.


At Odyssey Recruitment we have created a list of four reasons why now is the ideal time to make your move to the region.


Budgets are being allocated


As most of the hospital's owners and HR departments begin to look ahead to the new year, it is around now that budgets are allocated to departments, and job opportunities become available. September is usually a quiet month in the Arab Healthcare Sector, with few job opportunities and HR departments often on holiday for Eid. This means that when they return to work in October there is often a flurry of activity to make sure that the hospital doesn’t fall behind its rivals in the highly competitive industry.


Job opportunities are appearing across all countries, specialities and sectors in the region at the moment and, as a result, it’s unlikely you will have a greater choice of facilities to apply for at any other point in the year. The job of your dreams could be far closer than you think


New Year, New Start


Often a move abroad will take around three months to complete, that would see you in your new job for the start of 2017. What better way to celebrate a new start in life by beginning the year in a more enjoyable role, within a country that is better suited to your needs and (perhaps above all else) offers you the sort of financial benefits that you wouldn’t be possible in the United Kingdom.


Research in the recruitment sector shows that people who start new jobs at the beginning of the year are more likely to become successful in their role. It can feel like a completely new start for people looking to escape from their old job, or for individuals who just want to experience something different.


Make 2017 the year where you do something different. Make it the year when you took the biggest step in your career.


Escape the Great British Weather


It might sound like a minor thing, but many medical professionals elect to take their career to other parts of the world purely to escape from the weather.


At this time of the year, when the days become shorter, the temperatures drop drastically and many mornings start with scraping thick layers of ice from freezing cold car windows, many people start to feel unhappy in their job.


Seasonal Affective Disorder (perhaps fittingly shortened to SAD) is an issue which can have a major impact on the mental health of people across all walks of life in northern Europe. People suffering from the issue may find it difficult to wake up in the morning, find motivation and will start to feel lethargic during the day. It’s something I suspect that we’ve all suffered from on at least one occasion in the past year.


There is a way out of this however. The UAE has over 3500 hours of sunshine every year, whilst the figures are similar in neighbouring Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


If you are keen to escape from the dark, cold, damp weather in Britain and feel like your career needs a boost then why not consider a move abroad. It could help you find your motivation and love for your career again.


The NHS is in crisis


Last week we wrote a guide on why now is the perfect time to escape from the NHS (which can be read on the blog section of the website). Cutbacks, undervalued medics and increasingly unhealthy working hours are all combining to make the NHS a more unappealing service to be apart of.


These are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon - especially with the British economy heading towards another recession - so now is the perfect time to escape from the state system and head to a more generously funded healthcare sector.


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