Middle East Health Care Sector News

Middle East Health Care Sector News

26th Nov 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness

Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa - the world’s tallest building - will be lit up in a striking pink every weekend this month, in order to help publicise Breast Cancer awareness month.


The building, which stands at 830m, also holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest LED facade and this will be lit up pink on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening in October. Dh1 will also be donated to Breast Cancer charities for every item sold from the observation deck near the top of the remarkable building.


Breast Cancer is one the most common types of the disease in the Emirates, with it affecting roughly 5 in every 100,000 women. Despite this, rates of successful treatment are relatively high meaning that it has some of the best survival rates of any Cancer in the country.


The United Arab Emirates boasts one of the world’s most advanced, well funded and strong healthcare sectors. Investment is continuing to be poured in, and job opportunities remain widespread.


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Massive Liver Tumour Removed from Baby's Liver

An eight month old baby has had his life saved by medics from the UAE, as health professionals from Latifa, Rashid and Dubai worked together to remove a 900g Cancerous tumour from his liver.


Incredibly just five days after the surgery - which also removed part of the child’s liver as well as the tumour - The Khaleej Times reported how the baby was able to eat normally again, and was returning to acting like every other excitable toddler.


It was revealed that the patients parents visited the hospital after noticing a lump on the child’s stomach. This turned out to be Hepatoblastoma - an extremely rare for of Cancer that affects very young children, almost all of whom are under the age of three.


After initially undergoing three sessions of chemotherapy the successful surgery was then undertaken with specialists in paediatrics, general surgery, anesthesia and oncology all from the different facilities in attendance.


Remarkably, considering the condition affects just 100 people in the United States every year, it was the fifth successfully treated case of Hepatoblastoma that Latifa Hospital in Dubai had dealt with in as many years.


Once again The UAE has demonstrated itself as one of the world’s leading players in the global healthcare industry. The world class facilities are always on the lookout for world class medics however, and with investment continuing to benefit both the state and private systems now could be the perfect time to make a move to the country.


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