Feature | New Zealand

Feature | New Zealand

15th Nov 2016


New Zealand is a location which has always opened its arms to skilled workers. There are plenty of things which attract people to its shores too, however before you commit to a move here’s Odyssey’s guide to 5 things to know before you sign that job offer - and board a flight.


New Zealand Has a Unique Culture


Possibly one of the biggest misconceptions about New Zealand is that it is very similar to Australia. It isn’t. New Zealand’s population is 15% Maori and the country’s indigenous people bring a unique culture and way of life to the North Island in particular that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


The two islands that make up the country are very different. The North Island has close ties with Polynesia and other Pacific Islands, whilst the south - with its rugged, natural terrain, colder climate and different accent is often compared closely with Scotland.


An Unusual and Successful Healthcare Sector


The healthcare system in New Zealand is a mixture of a public/private hybrid system and a smaller fully private system. The public system is either free or heavily subsidised for the country’s citizens at the point of need, and this is paid for partially by an innovative scheme called ‘The Accident Compensation Corporation’ (the ACC).


The ACC scheme covers the cost of treatment for cases which are deemed to be as a result of an accident, such as injuries sustained playing sport or in a car accident. The funding is received from levies which are placed on employers, employees and even vehicle registrations.


Non accidental injuries and illnesses for which the patient requires treatment is provided free of charge - assuming that the patient has been referred by a GP or family doctor. Whilst this secondary treatment is free the initial visit to the GP will cost between $45NZD and $60NZD (around £21 - £28).


The public health system in New Zealand is split into 20 different district health boards (DHBs). 15 of these serve the 3.5 million North Island residents, and 5 operate for the 1 million on the South Island.


The private system is smaller than many other countries, making up roughly 23% of the market, but it plays a crucial role in loosening the workload for the state system. This keeps the average waiting times for common surgeries like knee and hip lower than they are in the UK, and ensures that a focus can be placed on the quality of the service not the time taken.


In the country as a whole 11.1% of the total GDP is spent on healthcare, a larger percentage than other major countries like the UK, Japan, Spain and Finland. This investment is reflected in the higher than average life expectancy, a figure that is continuing to rise at an impressive pace. It is estimated that a newborn child in New Zealand will now live to the age of 93. A figure that is a tribute to the success of the system, and healthy lifestyle that it promotes.



An Unpredictable Weather System


Weather in New Zealand is unpredictable and inconsistent. The country receives plenty of rainfall throughout the year, yet also receives more sun than most of Northern Europe. As well as this snow is not uncommon in the South Island during the winter months of June, July and August - although the average temperature is around 13 degrees during this time.


New Zealand can be the ideal place for people who don’t mind the British climate, and want to avoid moving somewhere where they will find the heat overwhelming, yet want a big change in their lifestyle and want to experience longer summers and warmer evenings.


The Pace of Life is Very Different


New Zealand is perhaps most famous for its relaxed lifestyle. Everything in the country moves a little bit slower than it does in other countries, and ‘Kiwis’ as they are known, are well renowned for their friendly, relaxed nature.


Unlike many other countries New Zealand retains a traditional sense of community, where people speak to strangers and trust each other. It’s extremely safe and welcoming for families, and this can make it an ideal location in which to bring up a family.


This is reflected in the workplace, and especially the healthcare sector, where a strong focus is put on ensuring that medics maintain a healthy balance between their working and family lives.


If you feel overworked, stressed out and like you are getting to see little of those close to you, then a move to New Zealand could be perfect.


You Can Visit Easily


New Zealand might be on the other side of the world, but for UK citizens obtaining a visa is easy. Anyone from Britain can visit the country for six months on a simple holiday visa - so long as they have enough money in their account to purchase a ticket home.


This can make it extremely easy to visit the country before you commit to a move, in order to try and understand more about the lifestyle, job opportunities and cost of living in general before you decide if it is for you. Many other countries place strict time limits on how long you can visit for - or make visas troublesome to arrange - however New Zealand gives you time to decide whether or not to commit to a move to the country.


To begin your journey to New Zealand today regsiter on our website https://www.odysseyrecruitment.com/ for job alerts, as well as all the latest news from the global healthcare industry.


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