5 Facts To Know Before Moving to Singapore

5 Facts To Know Before Moving to Singapore

11th Nov 2016

Singapore is one of the world’s truly great modern metropolises. However there are certain things you will need to be aware of before you commit to a move to a country which is unlike any other.


Here, therefore, is Odyssey’s guide to 5 things you need to know before you move to Singapore.


The Work Ethic & Healthcare System is Very Different


Singapore is amongst the most densely populated countries in the world. It is also amongst the most highly educated, and this can make the workplace an extremely competitive place.


Singaporeans have a very strong work ethic, and this is reflected in the workplace where extra hours are commonplace, and many locals will be keen to offer themselves for any extra activities relating to their employment.


The healthcare industry is no exception to that competitiveness. With such a vast range of hospitals and clinics for patients to choose from, the facilities on offer are amongst the most advanced in the world - as competitors attempt to outperform each other.


This can represent a positive and a challenge for medics in the country; on one hand they are able to use the most modern facilities and carry out some of the most advanced procedures available anywhere. On the other hand however working hours can often be longer than they would be in other countries, whilst the fierce competition can make the country a more stressful - if motivating - location in which to live.


English is the Most Widely Spoken Language


Whilst Malay is the official language of the island city state, English is by far and away the most widely spoken in the country. So much so that it is now an official language of Singapore.


This can come as a shock to some people, who don’t expect to find a country in the heart of Asia where they are understood and able to communicate so easily. It can help Western expats to feel more at home in the country, making it the most attractive location in Asia for people seeking a change, whilst still not feeling fully confident when they communicate in a foreign language.


Singapore is Extremely Easy to Explore


Singapore is a tiny country. It is just 719km2, making it a similar size to Tonga and the Spanish island of Menorca. Despite this however, it has one of the most advanced road and rail networks in the world - making it quick and easy to explore the island...or just commute to work.


A journey from one side of Singapore to the other can take just 40 minutes, and ticket prices for the Metro Rapid Transit (MRT) system are extremely good value.


That’s not all either, the country is located in the heart of Asia, and regular (good value) flights to its neighbours make it the perfect base from which to explore the far east.


If you are fed up of lengthy commutes, or just want to explore a new part of the world, then Singapore could be the perfect location for you.


The Cost of Living Can Be High


There is no simple way of putting it. Singapore is one of the world’s most advanced countries and, as you may have expected, this also makes it one of the most expensive.


Rent levels will be more akin to central London than most of Asia, whilst taxes on cars, roads and alcohol make them all far more expensive than they would be at home. As well as this school fees can be extremely costly and, whilst providing an extremely high standard of education, they can often be on a par with some of Britain’s top institutions.


Of course the higher cost of living is offset by higher salaries for medics in the country, as well as this the standard of living in Singapore is beyond most other nations reach. This makes it an attractive destination for many, if you prepare yourself for the higher value of everything - including your skills.


Singapore Has a Season. Just One.


If you like heat, then Singapore could be the place for you. The country enjoys warm weather year round, with no real change in seasons due to its location bordering the Equator. This means that it isn’t ideal for everyone.


Despite this year round heat, the country is also extremely wet and enjoys - or endures if you would prefer - a tropical climate. Warm weather is followed by warm thunderstorms and dramatic monsoons. Unlike Western Europe it doesn’t rain for days on end, but instead does so in sharp, dramatic bursts.


Someone who is looking for year round sunshine would be better advised to look to the Middle East, however for people who aren’t bothered by (or even like) the idea of a more dramatic, year round weather system Singapore could be the perfect location to call home.


If you would be interested in working as a medic in Singapore’s world renowned, advanced healthcare sector then register on our website for job alerts, and start your journey to the country today.


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