Why Live in Sharjah UAE?

Why Live in Sharjah UAE?

21st Oct 2016

Whilst the vast majority of expats who move to The UAE elect to live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, many are unaware of the benefits of living in Dubai’s neighbouring Emirate - Sharjah. It’s often something that expats don’t consider, so here’s Odyssey’s guide to 5 reasons why you should consider moving to Sharjah.


1 - The Cost. This one is relatively simple, the cost of living in the metropolises of Abu Dhabi and Dubai can be extortionate. In Sharjah however the price of everything is dramatically cheaper. Housing is where this will be most notable as like-for-like rent prices are normally around 60% less in Sharjah than they are in Dubai, but that’s not all, the cost of eating out is almost a third lower, whilst everyday groceries like bread, milk and fresh fruit are commonly around 20% cheaper than they would be in Dubai.


On top of this the cost of visiting local attractions is also far lower, whilst lifestyle costs such as gym memberships, sports clubs and even utility bills for things such as internet access are far less costly in Sharjah.


If you want to make a move to the UAE as financially rewarding as you can, then Sharjah could be a fantastic place to call home.


2 - The Location. Many people may fear that this financial reduction comes at the cost of a good location, but that’s far from the truth. Sharjah is ideally located just over 15 minutes drive from Dubai, and around 40 minutes from Dubai Marina. As well as this it can offer plenty of amenities of its own - including shopping malls, museums and even traditional Souqs unlike anything you’ll find in Dubai.


Whilst Dubai is hugely developed, Sharjah retains more of a traditional Arabic feel, whilst still having access to plenty of home comforts.


If living in the hectic metropolis isn’t your thing, and you enjoy a more relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle then Sharjah could be just what you are looking for.


3 - The Hospitals. Whilst Dubai is undoubtedly the UAE’s health capital, Sharjah still has plenty to offer medical professionals looking to enhance their careers overseas. The main hospitals in the Emirate are Al Zahra and Zulekha, but there are many more. As you would expect from a country that places such a strong focus on its health, all the state run facilities are of a high standard. In the fiercely competitive private sector meanwhile they are often of an even higher quality as a result of the stiff competition faced from hospitals throughout the rest of the country.


If you want to work in the UAE then Sharjah can be the ideal place - especially for medics with a knowledge of Arabic who are highly sought after in the area.


4 - The Lifestyle. Sharjah is perfect for people with a family. It is far quieter and less built up than Dubai or Abu Dhabi and so is much more suited to the leisurely pace of family life. As well as this you will have access to more open spaces, whilst houses often come with larger garden areas to make the most out of the weather

Sharjah is a far more conservative state than Dubai, and as a result alcohol is illegal. Because of this there are no bars or nightclubs anywhere in the Emirate - making it a far more suitable place for people looking to raise young children.


As well as this there is plenty to see and do in Sharjah for people with families. The Emirate has three malls which, although smaller than the mega malls in Dubai, have plenty of shops and facilities to keep everyone occupied. Furthermore Sharjah is located near Al Mamzar Beach Park which can be the perfect place in which to wind down at the weekend.


Sharjah is a location that should be considered by anyone moving to the UAE, but for those with a young family it can be especially rewarding.


5 - The Weather. Wherever you move to in the UAE it will be almost year round sunshine and temperatures in excess of 30 degrees celsius, and Sharjah is no exception. Unlike the more developed Dubai and Abu Dhabi however Sharjah can be slightly cooler which - trust us - is excellent news. The UAE as a whole experiences just over 3 inches of rain a year, compared with over 10 times that figure in the UK. As northern Europe braces itself for another long, dark, cold winter a brighter future in the Emirates third state could be closer than you think.


Jobs within the healthcare sector in Sharjah are opening up all the time for Western trained medics. If it is an area you hadn’t previously considered - or if this guide has helped persuade you that it’s where your future lies - then register on our website https://www.odysseyrecruitment.com/ for job alerts and all the latest news from the country’s healthcare sector.


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