Campaign to Find Future Neurosurgeons in UAE

Campaign to Find Future Neurosurgeons in UAE

2nd Mar 2018

Some of the world’s leading neurologists and neurosurgeons descended on Dubai last week to speak to clinicians and students from the Emirates.

A three day event took place, aimed at helping to upskill those already working in the speciality, as well as boosting the number of young people choosing to work in neurology.

Amongst the experts in attendance were medics from London’s King’s College Hospital, which is working in partnership with Mohammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Neil Buckley, CEO of King’s College London, outlined why it’s vital to attract more people to neurology.

He told attendees: “There are only 280 neurologists registered with the Dubai Health Authority catering to more than 2.4 million residents in Dubai and more than 9 million people in the UAE. Having more doctors specialising in neurology and neurosurgery is therefore important as the population continues to increase and age.

“What better way to do this than inspire and train budding UAE medical students to close this gap, and become the next generation of ‘home-grown’ world leading neurologists and neurosurgeons?”

Dr Amer Sharif vice chancellor of the MBRU, added: “The inaugural event is just the beginning of a series of seminars and workshops that will benefit every health care professional in Dubai and the UAE.”

Among the other visiting speakers were Dr Richard Gullan, pioneer in migraine and headache management, who spoke about the future of migraine treatment, and the importance of avoiding overprescribing painkillers.

Meanwhile Dr Nicholas Thomas presented a piece on minimally invasive techniques used to remove brain tumours.

Despite the oil price slowdown, the UAE remains a highly attractive destination for medics seeking a better life overseas. For more information on how to secure a move to the country - and all the latest job alerts - register on our website today


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