Novel Plan to Combat Obesity in Saudi

Novel Plan to Combat Obesity in Saudi

31st Jan 2018

A Saudi Prince has revealed novel plans for cutting the Kingdom’s dangerously high obesity rates - by investing in the country’s first ever vegan restaurants.


Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, who was recently appointed as the president of the Saudi CrossFit organisation, has published proposals for ten vegan restaurants to be built by 2020.

Having formed a partnership with American celebrity chef Matthew Kenney - a man famed for his vegan cuisine - Prince Khaled was recently named as one of the world’s leading vegan influencers.

Commenting on his Facebook page, the Prince revealed why he feels now is the right time to introduce veganism to the Kingdom. He said: “Our region occupies parts of the top ten most obese counties in the world. This is crazy and it’s frankly a joke that we have reached this level.

“We have to boycott fast food restaurants and focus on our health and our children’s health before this disaster increases. The current diets of people in the region are disasters that must be fought.

“I’m not saying that opening 10 restaurants will solve this issue, but you better believe it’s a step in the right direction.”

Saudi Arabia is facing a massive battle with lifestyle related health conditions, brought about by a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. The Kingdom is attempting to reverse this trend however, and forward thinking proposals like that of Prince Khaled are evidence of this.

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