Dubai High Tech Medicine | 3D Printing

Dubai High Tech Medicine | 3D Printing

18th Oct 2016

Every hospital in Dubai that is run by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) will have access to three dimensional printers by next year - that’s the exciting prediction from Dr Mohmmad Al Redha, director of the Department of Organisational Transformation.


The introduction of the printers will allow artificial limbs, denture moulds and fracture casts to be created at a fraction of the cost that they would normally cost - and in a considerably shorter period of time.


As well as this medics will be able to create models of organs with specific issues to help patients understand more about the body, and allow young trainee medics to gain more of a physical understanding of how issues affect organs


A basic CT scan is all that’s needed for the creation of the limbs, organs and implants, and hopes are high that in the future it won’t just be plastic that these machines are able to print in. Studies are already underway into the possibility of creating ceramic teeth or even titanium bone implants with the printers.


Whilst that may still be someway off happening in reality, the 3D printers that are currently used by the DHA have already proven to be invaluable. In one notable case a patient’s fractured skull was re-created by the machine. This allowed the doctor to carefully examine where the injury was affecting the patient’s brain, and gave them a perspective that would’ve been otherwise impossible.


Dr Redha believes that in the not too distant future many people will be able to print basic drugs (like paracetamol) as well as more complex items like dental implants from the comfort of their own homes.


The cost of 3D printing once you have the printer (which can cost between £7000 and £770,000 on average) is extremely low, and so it is an area that looks set to grow over the coming years.


Dubai in the UAE is home to some of the world’s most advanced hospitals and healthcare facilities. If you believe that your career would benefit from a move to the extremely well funded and staffed healthcare system then register on our website for job alerts from the country, and all the latest news from the global healthcare sector.


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