Australia: Mental Health biggest concern for youth

Australia: Mental Health biggest concern for youth

8th Dec 2017

Mental health has been identified as the biggest concern of young people in Australia, according to a survey published earlier this month.


‘Mission Australia’s’ annual Youth Survey spoke to over 24,000 people between the ages of 15 and 19 in the country, with 33.7% saying that mental health is their main area of concern - a figure that has risen dramatically since 2015 when just 14.9% of respondents ranked it as their biggest worry.


The results shouldn’t come as a huge shock, with suicide regularly ranking as the single biggest killer of young people in the country.


According to the report, teenagers found themselves having to cope with stress and depression from an early age, whilst school issues and body image concerns further added to their woes. Those surveyed also highlighted mental health problems as one of the biggest reasons for their failure to meet self-set goals in education and employment.


Alcohol and substance abuse were ranked as the second and third biggest concerns for young people in the country, although this was a greater worry amongst the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Speaking about the report’s findings, CEO of ‘Mission Australia’, James Toomey said: “This tells us that many young people facing challenges reach out to friends and family for support.


“There have been great efforts to de-stigmatise mental health, and that might be reflected in some way in the survey responses, because it is now easier for people to talk about mental illness, and also easier for those around them to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness.


“But I think more work around destigmatising mental illness and mental health generally could always be done and we could always make improvements in that area.”


Australia’s battle against mental illness looks like being a long and troublesome one, however with a well-structured healthcare system, and plenty of focus placed on reducing rates amongst young people, it can be achieved.


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