Medical News Roundup Gulf August 2017

Medical News Roundup Gulf August 2017

2nd Aug 2017

Medical Tourism in Sharjah on the Rise


The managing director of one of Sharjah’s top hospitals has claimed that the Emirate is fast becoming the most popular with medical tourists coming to the UAE for treatment.


Taher Shams, MD of Zulekha Healthcare Group, has been surprised by the increase in the number of patients arriving from locations in Africa, as well as from Syria and Iraq. These patients further enhance the group’s growing popularity amongst locals and expats already calling the UAE home.


Shams believes that Zulekha’s unique joint-venture with its sister hospital, The Alexis Multispeciality Hospital in Nagpur, India, also helps to give the Sharjah based facility the edge over rivals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


He told ‘Gulf Today’: “We do not have cancer radiation therapy here (in Sharjah). There are also instances when patients want to be with their families in India.”


Zulekha also have another unique selling point, a partnership with Sharjah based airline Air Arabia, creating a scheme known as the ‘Healthcare Holiday Kiosk’. Within a few hours of opening three bookings had already been taken from medical tourists coming to Sharjah for procedures.


Sharjah is often overlooked by medics moving to the UAE, however innovative ideas like Zulekha’s could see that change. If the idea of working in the Emirate appeals to you, register on our website today. A dream role could be closer than you might imagine.


Saudi Arabia Promises Citizens Continuation of Free Healthcare


Saudi Arabia’s health ministry has promised citizens in the Kingdom that they will continue to have free access to healthcare services in the country, despite recent press reports to the contrary.


Healthcare throughout the Desert Kingdom is currently undergoing a radical process of restructuring, under the Government's Vision 2030 goals. This will eventually lead to the privatisation of a large percentage of industries in the country, as Saudi tries to move beyond an oil centric economy.


It’s hoped that the privatisation of healthcare will help to reduce the amount of Government money used in the healthcare sector, whilst the competition between rival companies will help to drive up the quality of care on offer.


Despite the process of restructuring, now remains an attractive time to work in the Saudi healthcare system. Wages remain high, with a good work/life balance and the opportunity to work in some of the Gulf’s best facilities also on offer.


NMC on Target for Another Strong Year


Prasanth Manghat, the recently appointed CEO of Abu Dhabi based healthcare group NMC is expecting another strong year for the company, as they announced a 38% increase in revenues for 2016.


Speaking to ‘Arabian Business’ in his first full interview since replacing the group’s founder, BR Shetty, in March, Manghat outlined the figures behind the success. He said: “Our guidance to the market is that we will do $1.6bn of revenues and $350m of EBITDA (earnings pre-interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, which last year stood at $246.1m), even after six months our outlook is very positive. Based on last year’s figures we are looking at 25% revenue growth and 50% growth in gross profit for 2017.”


As a result of the early success, Manghat has no desire to change a winning formula. He continued: “I will definitely not do a u-turn on Dr Shetty’s business models. I’ve been with NMC Health for 14 years and an integral part of the group’s milestones during that time – from acquiring new assets and entering new markets, to launching new plans and going public. I am as positive about this year as I was about last.”


Whatever the future holds for healthcare in the Gulf it looks as if NMC will continue to be at the forefront of it under Manghat’s guidance.


If you are interested in a move to any of the locations in this article, or elsewhere in the Gulf, Far East, North America or Australasia register on our website today. A dream role could be closer than you might imagine.



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