Australia Ranked Top for Healthcare

Australia Ranked Top for Healthcare

19th Jul 2017

Australia’s healthcare system has been ranked as one of the best in the Western world by a team of American researchers.


The New York based ‘Commonwealth Fund’ examined 11 healthcare sectors from Australasia, Europe and North America, and ranked Australia second only to Britain’s National Health Service, with the Aussie system heading the field in two of the five areas which were looked at.


Founded in 1918, The Commonwealth Fund is a privately owned and funded foundation, that promotes research and provides grants to try and improve the quality of care available across the Western world.


It ranked the healthcare systems of the UK, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, France and the United States according to five factors: Care process, access, administrative efficiency, equity and health outcomes.


Australia topped the administrative efficiency and care process fields, with the report also ranking the country’s public/private hybrid system well in the ‘care process’ indicator.


Despite the positives however the country ranked poorly for equity. The difference in care experienced by the highest and lowest paid in society, and that was something that concerned Dr Lesley Russell, Health policy analyst at the University of Sydney, who told ABC News Australia: “We know that out of pocket costs for Australians are continuing to increase, in a large part because of the Medicare freeze that the Government has imposed over the last few years”.


Despite this the study’s authors were full of praise for the systems that topped the survey: “The top performing countries - the UK, Australia and the Netherlands - could offer important lessons to the US and others”.


Australia has always been popular with medics looking to escape from the increasingly strained NHS, and so now could be the perfect time to make a move. Roles are opening up throughout the country all the time, with GPs especially in demand.


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