UAE Boosts Worldwide Polio Campaigns

UAE Boosts Worldwide Polio Campaigns

15th Jun 2017

The UAE has pledged to spend more than $30m in order to totally eliminate polio worldwide, at a conference held in Atlanta on Monday (12/6).


Polio, or Poliomyelitis to give it it’s full title, was one of the biggest health issues facing the planet in the 1980s, paralysing over 350,000 children each year during it’s peak. Considered one of the most severe viral infections in existence, its symptoms ranged from little more than a common cold, to a fever like high temperature and nausea and, in around 1% of cases paralysis or breathing difficulties, due to the shrinking of organs and bones.


In 1988 a worldwide campaign to end polio was introduced by the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and The Rotary Foundation, using the Sabin-Chumakov oral vaccine. This was hugely successful, and slashed the risk of the condition in many Western countries almost immediately.


According to the latest WHO statistics it continues to be an issue in just three countries; Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, with just five cases reported globally so far this year.


Despite this healthcare experts need to remain vigilant, with a risk always prevalent until the condition is totally eradicated. It’s for this reason that the UAE’s additional funding boost could be crucial in preventing any child from contracting the condition in years to come.


Speaking at the event in Atlanta, Yousuf Al Otaiba, The Emirates’ ambassador to the United States, said: “The UAE is proud to be a leader in the effort to end polio and looks forward to a future in which every child and every country around the world is able to experience the full economic and health benefits of polio eradication.”


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