Dubai to open Radiosurgery Hospital

Dubai to open Radiosurgery Hospital

19th May 2017

Work is underway on a new, state of the art, radiosurgery hospital in Dubai - the first facility of its kind located in the Emirate’s Science Park free zone.


Estimated to cost in the region of Dh180m (£37m), the Neuro Spinal Hospital and Radiosurgery Centre will be funded by Dubai based Audacia Capital, in collaboration with investors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Dubai Neuro Spinal Surgery founder Dr Abdul Karim Msaddi.


Located in Dubai Science Park, the new hospital will provide cutting edge orthopaedic and spinal care, as well as oncology and neuroscience departments.


Mirroring the global trend, Cancer rates in the Emirates are on the rise, with some studies even predicting that they could double by 2030. Radiosurgery can be an extremely precise and successful method of removing tumours - however as with all treatments it doesn’t work in every case, whilst it can also bring with it severe side effects.


Despite these however it remains one area that Cancer researchers are continuing to focus on, with the belief that it can only increase in effectiveness in the future. Dubai’s new facility will help the fight against Cancer, with a range of techniques likely to be practiced.


Founder Dr Msaddi is optimistic about the impact his facility can have on the health of the population, as well as the wider health tourism market. He said: "We aim to bring world-class health care services to Dubai to reduce the practice of referring patients outside the region for treatment. We are committed to excellence in clinical care, innovation and education. Spreading knowledge for the benefit of the community through our educational conferences and courses is something we will remain dedicated to. This new hospital, and the range of education programs it will bring to Dubai, supports our mission."


Whilst the oil price is dropping across the Middle East, healthcare remains a lucrative market as the Gulf begins to focus on building an economy that is not solely oil reliant. One way to do this is by making the area a health tourism hub, and this is something that has been on Dubai’s agenda for some time now.


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