Abu Dhabi Expansion of Day Surgery

Abu Dhabi Expansion of Day Surgery

27th Sep 2016

Aster DM Healthcare Expands Day Surgery Services

Dubai based Aster DM Healthcare has bought a 60% stake in Abu Dhabi’s Harley Street Medical Clinic as it looks to take advantage of the relatively undeveloped day surgery market within the Emirate.


Whereas in Dubai the market is strong and competitive, it remains a small (but slowly growing) area in Abu Dhabi. Aster DM hope that by purchasing a controlling stake in an already established centre in the state they can help to expand their patient base throughout the Emirates.


Their plans for the current site, which employs 20 doctors at the moment, is to expand the clinic from 18,000sq feet to 35,000sq feet, increase the range of services offered and (as result) increase the number of full time doctors employed in the facility to nearer 40.


After the expansion is complete the company have also revealed that they will apply for a hospital license for the centre.


Many insurance companies within the UAE encourage the use of day surgery facilities - where patients can undergo a procedure and be discharged the same day - because it reduces the cost to them of hospital stays.


Further to this the state in the country also supports the growth of these surgeries as it can help free up beds within the busy hospitals for patients in need of longer term care.


Since its foundation in Dubai in 1987, by medical entrepreneur Dr Azad Moopen, Aster DM Healthcare has grown substantially. The group now owns over 300 facilities employing more than 20,000 people throughout the Middle East and Asia. They are reported to have a worth of in excess of $6bn.


Aster DM are just one of many private companies investing in the Middle East’s thriving healthcare sector. To find out how you can benefit from (or even invest in) the region’s healthcare system then secure your tickets for our International Medical Careers Forum in London on October 15th.


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