Australia New Budget | Psychiatry and Oncology Benefit

Australia New Budget | Psychiatry and Oncology Benefit

11th May 2017

Mental health services and Cancer research support are the biggest beneficiaries of Australia’s 2017 budget, with both benefitting from millions of dollars in additional funding.


The headlines from the budget was the $68 million invested into a new proton beam therapy centre, which is to be opened by 2020.


Located at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, the new facility will work to help children and infants fighting inoperable tumours and bone Cancers. It will also become the first centre of its kind in the country, and one of only 100 worldwide.


Speaking about the plans Greg Hunt, Federal Health Minister said: "One of the things that I have wanted to do since coming into health is to ensure that Australia has the first proton beam therapy centre in our history. This will now happen, and I suspect that this is just the first. Over time each of our capital cities will, with the support of the state governments and the universities and the Commonwealth, develop such facilities. It's time for Australia to be part of the next great wave of oncology treatment.”


Meanwhile mental health services in the country are also set to expand, as Australia continues its battle with conditions like depression and anxiety. More than $170m of additional funding has been allocated to the area, with this being split into separate sub-sections.


$80m has been allocated to community services, $50m to supporting veterans suffering from conditions like PTSD, and $15m will be invested into research,


The funding boost has been welcomed by representatives from some of the country’s biggest mental health support groups. CEO of ‘Lifeline’, Pete Shmigel said that he was delighted that the Government had “(put a) significant focus and funds towards tackling the national suicide emergency in such a holistic way.”


Australia has been attracting expats for many years, with the country’s laidback lifestyle, stunning weather and high standard of living making it a hugely attractive destination for many, especially those looking to escape from the British NHS.


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