UAE | Healthcare Sector Updates May 2017

UAE | Healthcare Sector Updates May 2017

3rd May 2017

Abu Dhabi Hospital to Receive Notable Patient


Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi is set to receive a special patient later this week, with Eman Abdul Atti - up until recently considered the world’s heaviest woman - set to continue her recovery from potentially life changing surgery in India at the facility.


The Egyptian underwent major bariatric surgery at the Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, having been evacuated from her hometown of Alexandria on a cargo plane, which saw her weight drop from a staggering 500kg to a far more manageable (though still potentially fatal) 176kg. Now, however, she’ll be on the move again following a disagreement between her family and the Indian facility.


A team from Burjeel flew out to her last week to discuss the logistics of the operation, with a specially modified EgyptAir Airbus plane considered the safest option.


Dr Shajir Gaffar, CEO of Burjeel Hospital, is looking forward to working with the patient. He said: “In Abdul Atti’s case, we will employ a multidisciplinary and integrated approach that will go far beyond surgery for weight loss. We will extend a complete physical and psychological rehabilitation to her.”


Her battle to redeem any form of quality of life will be a long one, however with healthcare in Abu Dhabi outperforming many other locations worldwide it will be the ideal place for her to receive the help, support and medical care needed.


Qatar launches new Autism Scheme


Qatar has launched a new National Autism Awareness Plan, to help ensure that those suffering with the condition in the country have access to everything they need in order to lead a ‘normal’ life.


The plan, which falls into the the ‘Qatar National Vision 2030’ goals, will allow those on the Autistic spectrum access to specialist care and support, as well as helping give them opportunities in education, further training and other everyday challenges.


Autism Spectrum Disorder is the umbrella term given to a range of conditions that affect an individual's behaviour, social interaction, interests and style of communication. It impacts roughly 1 in every 100 people to some degree worldwide.


Speaking at the official launch of the plan, Minister of Public Health,  Dr Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari said: The plan’s vision reflects a part of the commitment to individuals with autism, their right to receive care and support now and in the future, and get access to the same opportunities as others in a society that accepts them as they are.”


Depression Figures in The UAE


Severe depression affects between 4 and 5% of the UAE’s population, according to clinical psychologist Dr Tara Wyne. Mild depression meanwhile is experienced by more than 15% of those in the Emirates.


A lack of support for the high number of expats working in the country has been highlighted as one of the major reasons for this statistic, with it estimated to be even higher when including those who haven’t yet decided to seek professional help.


Dr Wyne believes that the stigma exists as people don’t want to appear as if they are vulnerable, with recent high profile cases - like that of the UK’s Prince Harry - helping to remove this concern.


Globally mental health rates are rising at a higher rate than almost any other group of medical conditions. This can be down to the stigma gradually being removed, or can be attributed to a much greater issue concerning modern lifestyles.


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