Saudi Arabia | Vision 2030 for Healthcare

Saudi Arabia | Vision 2030

23rd Sep 2016

Vision 2030 is set to transform the Saudi Health Care Sector with 15 goals and 18 initiatives designed to increase the quality and effectiveness of medical care in the Kingdom. 


Saudisation | Nationalisation of Saudi Healthcare Jobs

Nationalisation of the work force is a strong feature with a big push for more Saudi citizens to train in Medicine, Nursing and Allied Healthcare specialisms providing them with much needed employment opportunities and simultaneously reducing the demand for expatriate labour which is all too often transient and of variable quality. 


Constraints on budgets as a consequence of the low oil price mean that resources must be used efficiently and governance transparent and robust. 

Primary Health Care

Primary and Community Care are to be developed to reduce the burden on the hospitals and public health programmes will attempt to inculcate in the population a sense of individual and familial responsibility for health, particularly with regard to smoking, diet and exercise, all presently major causes of morbidity in the population. 

Medical Infrastructure

Infrastructure has been developed with the construction of new medical cities, hospitals and clinics. This will continue and future public private partnerships are planned to expand the facilities further until bed capacity, currently very low per head of population reaches the level of international norms.

Private Sector Healthcare

Private sector involvement is encouraged and indeed sought for greater investment in the sector and take over of some services. At the moment private sector healthcare is just 25% of the total, the remainder being entirely publicly financed. A figure of 35% is the goal for 2020. 

Further Information

This is just a brief overview of the goals and initiatives and further details can be viewed in the Vision 2030 document available on line. 

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