Gulf Medical Sector News Roundup

Gulf Medical Sector News Roundup

12th Apr 2017

International Team of Medics Prepare for F1 Spectacle


This weekend plays host to round three of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship in Sakir, Bahrain. Whilst the drivers and cars steal the majority of the limelight, preparation has been going on just as long for the team of over 200 medics who will work during the event.


Doctors from the country will be joined by medics flying in from the UK, Canada and neighbouring Saudi Arabia to help ensure the safety of the drivers, teams and spectators.


More than 90,000 people are expected to visit the Bahrain International Circuit during race weekend - meaning that the team of medics will face a potentially hectic couple of days.


As a result 55 paramedics, 45 doctors, 50 nurses and a host of other specialist technicians and anaesthesiologists will be on site, in order to deal with anything the weekend might throw at them.


The medical team have been training twice a week for the past few months in preparation for performing a timed simulation drill in front of motorsport’s governing body, the FIA. This includes simulating a range of incidents and scenarios to ensure that coordination in a life or death situation is as strong and well rehearsed as possible.


Working at major sporting events can be a fascinating, rewarding and career enhancing opportunity for medics worldwide. Is it something that you have done, or is it something that would interest you? Let us know in the comment box below, or by interacting with us on Facebook or Twitter!


Saudi Arabian Healthcare on a ‘Fast Growth Trajectory’


Data published at Saudi Arabia’s eHealth and beyond conference on Monday (10/4) has shown that the industry is on a ‘fast growth trajectory’ towards a worth of SR926bn (£197bn) by 2020.


The report estimates that this growth will be, at least partly, due to increased use of informatics and growth in further areas of healthcare technology, with Saudi Arabia now comfortably on track to meet the aims outlined in its ‘Vision 2030’ plans.


Saudi Arabia is a unique Kingdom that is certainly not for everyone. Working there does have plenty of benefits however and so, after researching it, deciding it’s right for you could be a highly rewarding move.


Qatar’s Healthcare Goals Praised by the WHO


Qatar’s national ‘Vision 2030’, which aims to ensure the country’s development remains sustainable has been praised by the World Health Organisation, with special praise given to the country’s healthcare sector.


Speaking on a visit to Doha, United Nations Special Advisor, Dr David Nabarro, praised the Qatari government for focusing on the healthcare and education sectors in the plans, whilst outlining how pleased the WHO was that the country was prioritising health over illness.


Dr Nabarro also commented on Qatar’s healthcare service being one of the most modern and equitable in the Gulf region, highlighting work done to lower the rate of non-communicable diseases in the country as the reason for this.


Qatar is another of the Gulf’s success stories, as the world’s richest country is can offer a highly luxurious standard of living, as well as more enjoyable working environment for medics. For more information, and job alerts from the country, simply register on our website.


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