Gulf Healthcare News Insights

Gulf Healthcare News Insights

29th Mar 2017

Final Dubai Mandatory Health Insurance Deadline Looms


It’s been the story that simply will not go away, however the final (final!) deadline for ensuring that you - and any dependents - are covered by health insurance in Dubai is now looming large.


After the 31st of March fines will start being issued to those who haven’t insured their dependents, with plenty of warning being given to residents - given the scheme was originally meant to be enforced in June of last year.


Having been granted its third extension in December - despite 98% of the Emirates’ population being covered - the Dubai Health Authority has done everything in its power to ensure that everyone has had time to sort out their packages.


Latest statistics suggest that fractionally over 99% of people are now covered - and with plans starting at just 550Dh (£120) a year, around a similar price to the monthly fine for not being covered, it makes financial sense.


The scheme was introduced in an attempt to allow healthcare spending to remain at its existing high rate, despite a growing population and increasing prevalence of lifestyle related conditions. It’s the sort of forward thinking initiative that should allow the UAE to stay at the forefront of medical advancements for many years to come.


Bahrain Set to Follow in Dubai’s Footsteps


As Dubai nears the end of its introduction of mandatory health insurance, Bahrain is continuing to plan out how it will introduce a similar scheme - which it hopes will be in place by 2019.


A meeting was held in the Island Kingdom’s capital Manama on Saturday (25/3), between the supreme council for health and the owners of some of the biggest pharmacies in the country - in order to discuss how the two can work alongside each other to offer a scheme that works for everyone.


Plans for mandatory insurance to be introduced by 2019 were officially revealed last summer, with two stages being undertaken prior to its introduction in order to ensure that it was as efficient as possible.


The first phase saw a comprehensive study of the global health insurance market undertaken, with the assistance of the world bank, whilst the second part will see Bahrain’s first ever health insurance laws being drafted, with the assistance of other government agencies and stakeholders.


Riyadh to Host Global Healthcare Leaders


Riyadh is to play host to some of the most influential people in global healthcare this month, at its ‘eHealth and Beyond’ conference on April 10th.

The conference will have a focus on using technology and informatics to further grow the Desert Kingdom’s thriving healthcare market, which will be worth an estimated 92.6bnSR by 2020.


Speaking to ‘ArabNews’ secretary general of the Saudi Health Council Dr. Yacoub Al-Mazrou said: “The Kingdom will benefit from health information systems that help avoid waste and unnecessary health care services. Telemedicine will also help serve the pressing needs of patients around the Kingdom”.


Telemedicine has already revolutionised healthcare in Australia, and so it could prove to have a fascinating and exciting impact on the sector in Saudi Arabia too.


If a move to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia is something which you believe could enhance your career, get in touch with our team today. A dream move could be far closer than you might think.


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