Health Education in Canada Reduces Smoking Rates

Health Education in Canada Reduces Smoking Rates

23rd Mar 2017

Smoking rates in Canada are continuing to drop, as better education about the health risks related to tobacco, and new laws and taxes convince more and more people to shun the habit.


The drop between 2015 and 2016 was a modest one, just 0.4%, meaning that approximately 5.3 million (17.7%) of the country’s 35 million strong population still use tobacco on a semi-regular basis.


This represents a vast improvement on the statistics published at the turn of the millennium however, where over 26% classified themselves as smokers. Since then taxes have been increased, and education from a young age has removed the attraction for many teenagers.


Globally smoking rates have dropped over the last decade, with recently published statistics showing that 22.2% of the planet’s population are still regular tobacco users. These statistics have only risen in Africa, where development and education haven’t gone hand-in-hand.


The health risks related to smoking are extreme, smoking causes 90% of lung cancer cases, and puts individuals at a far higher risk of a range of conditions from COPD to cardiovascular issues. This means that it can be a massive drain on the resources of a country’s healthcare sector, potentially removing funding from elsewhere.


Fortunately the reduction in global smoking rates should free-up funding for other areas of healthcare - funding that can be better spent on other, non-lifestyle related, areas.


Canada is fast becoming one of the most popular countries with medics looking to escape from the NHS. A friendly population, generous salary packages and relaxed lifestyle can make it ideal for a Western trained medical professional looking for a change in working lifestyle, without a serious amount of culture shock.


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